Saturday, March 21, 2009

Devivio 1 (R6)

Last week at the Devivio's, Guy and Sofia got a start on Guy's lifetime want by having their first two children, Janet and Brad. Guy got a job in the military field and Sofia in the science field, however, Sofia didn't get to go to work at all I don't think... We left the household with Sofia pregnant again. Lets see how they made out this week

Uhhh, Sofia, what do you think you're doing?

Looks like there are going to be two more on the way...

For some reason Janet and Brad are nocturnal so Janet worked out on the obstacle course

And Brad worked in the green house

Everyone in the house wanted to buy a bird cage so they got one. Here's guy teaching the bird how to talk.

The bird died shortly there after because taking care of a household this large and a bird just proved too impossible for me... plus...

Sofia went into labor while helping Brad in the garden

And, surprise surprise, it's twins - a boy and a girl

Here's mama with Frank (blond hair, green eyes)

And here's daddy with Magenta (black hair, green eyes)

((The naming scheme should be readily apparent by now))

The next day, Sofia finally got to go to work. She got a promotion to top of the science career and fulfilled her second lifetime want

Her third lifetime want is:

Should be easy enough ((if she ever gets to go to work)) -- and the career reward seems like fun

Brad brought home an A+

And Guy reached the top of the military career

Top of Career gave Guy enough lifetime aspiration benefits to choose a secondary aspiration. He chose fortune which is good because he has a large family to support

That evening Janet transitioned into a teen

((She grew into Sofia's hairstyle again so I went back into simPE and changed their genetics to black hair instead of custom hair))

And here's her aspiration

And the lifetime want ((please don't be 50 dream dates...))

I can work with that

Right before the birthday party there was a cat fight... literally...

and cherish hates bonkers so much that she ran away

Since Bonkers was really Carla's cat, Guy decided to see if Carla wanted to take Bonkers back

Remember how I said Sofia may never achieve her third lifetime want... that's because she got pregnant again immediately after having the twins

Guy decided it was time for a career change so he took a job in business

Janet hit the town to get some new clothes and a cell phone. While she was out she ran into Ricky Cormier. They hit it off right away

Since it was a weekend, Janet didn't have to be home until 9, she decided to ask Ricky if he'd like to get a bite to eat at one of the restaurants downtown. He took her up on her offer

Being a notorious romance sim, it was no surprise that Ricky gave Janet her first kiss

They had a wonderful time and Janet even started to build a good reputation in town

The next day, the twins grew into toddlers

Frank Devivio - Scorpio

Magenta Devivio - Aries

The Devivio's were so busy teaching the toddlers their skills...

They didn't even notice Janet sneaking out with Ricky

The family spent the rest of the weekend skilling and bonding with one another

Janet pushed Brad on the swing set

Brad played with Magenta and Frank at the activity table

Before the weekend was over, both Frank and Magenta had learned all their toddler skills

Before the weekend was out, Guy finished up a book on the art of raising a large family which ended up making the best-seller list

He also did some work around the garden, since Sofia was busy with the kids, and managed to earn his bronze gardening badge

Guy also got a promotion to company president on his first day of the job

((poor Guy looks exhausted))

On the last day of the round, Sofia went into labor

And Baby Girl, Columbia Devivio was born

((this is Auntie Carla's cleavage, not Sofia's))

Brad also transitioned into a teen

And now for the aspiration... drumroll please...

Family... lets see if I can handle another household as crazy as this one!

Brad Devivio - Aries
Family - become Education Minister

Scoring: 5 points (1 each for Frank, Magenta, and Columbia, 1 point for Sofia reaching top of the Science career, 1 point for Guy reaching the top of the Military career)

Household Net-Worth: 80,236

((That wraps it up for the Devivios. This house was a whirlwind!!! Janet and Ricky have 2 bolts for one another I just hope that Ricky doesn't have some absurd lifetime want like woohoo with 20 sims... in other blogs I've read I think he has some career related LTW ::crosses fingers::. Spoiler: Brad is BFF's with Tessa Ramirez from Bluewater so I hopped over there and played her through to a teen [I also wanted to experiment with businesses since I haven't played any yet] -- I rolled her a family aspiration as well. Will Brad and Tessa hit it off? Will Guy and Sofia have more kiddies next round? Stay tuned to find out. Off to the Hoppes household next.))

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