Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pushard (R6)

Last time at the Pushard homestead, Allan moved back with his fiance, Jaiden Hurt and Mathew and Kenya were finally allowed to peacefully pass on. Jaiden gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Victoria. The two original family dogs, Cymoril and Leroy also went to the big doggie park in the sky but Leroy came back and scared Jaiden to death. Luckily Allan successfully bargained for Jaiden's life. To wrap up the week, The household received a garden club membership and the coveted wishing well.

Now that I've gotten to know my sims a little better -- I'm going to try narrating from their perspective. I may or may not stick with it -- Please let me know what you think :)

Jaiden: Hi there! Even though Allan and I haven't gotten married yet, our little family is growing quite a bit. When I got home from work on Monday I started feeling a little nauseus -- I thought maybe I just practiced a little too hard ((Jaiden is in the athletic career)).

Well, later that night, I found out I was pregnant

Allan finally found a job in the criminal career --

I can't say I approve but it's something he really wants, plus this career should allow him to be home more during the day with the kids.

Allan has also been working a lot with Suzi, so she's been doing well and managed to reach the top of her career ((Yay my pets aren't bugged anymore))

The unfortunate thing about Allan being gone in the evening is that he missed Victoria's birthday

Except for having my black hair, she looks just like her daddy.

Victoria Hurt-Pushard

That night, Allan brought home his first promotion in his new career

He even managed to teach Victoria to walk the first night. She really is daddy's girl

He also was able to start teaching her how to talk

I spent most of my maternity leave working in Kenya's garden

Allan got into a sort of funk mid-week and started acting pretty strange, it all started when he had a little accident at work

He started talking about wanting more romance in his life...

I figure he's probably stressed out about the new job and isn't quite over his grandparent's deaths and that things would work themselves out eventually.

Even though he was at work when I went into labor, the arrival of the new baby helped break Allan out of his mood somewhat

James looks a lot more like me with my dark complexion and black hair.

Since Allan worked nights, I was able to go right back to work. When the opportunity for extra practice came up, I jumped at it considering I had been out on maternity leave. Unfortunately I guess I still wasn't fully recovered from my pregnancy

Despite having to pay out of my own pocket for the little accident, I still brought home a promotion

Allan also brought something new home that day

A new dog named Simon. He's talking about breeding Suzi and Simon to make a little extra money. ((Allan is a fortune sim))

Victoria really liked Simon a lot

Suzi continued to do well in her career

Allan also brought home another promotion

I was glad he was doing well in his career and it seemed to put him in a better mood

Before I knew it it was time for James' birthday

James Hurt-Pushard

With all the hustle and bustle of James' birthday, I completely missed Victoria's birthday, she grew up into a child right in the living room on her way to her birthday cake.

Not only is James a very handsome little guy, he's also a very quick learner

James and Victoria also got along very well and liked to build blocks together at the activity table

I started to have a little better luck at work and kept advancing toward my goal of being a Hall of Famer

Even though he was doing great at work, Allan was still distant

He took to training Simon and retreated into his job

I know Allan does a lot of things at his job that need to be kept hush-hush and he loves his kids and does a great job providing for us...

... but I just can't shake the feeling that there's something he isn't telling me.

Points: 1.5 points (1 point for baby James, .5 point for Jaiden's gold gardening badge)

Household Net-Worth: 155,590

((Well that wraps it up for the Pushards. Allan has a secondary aspiration of romance, that will make things interesting. Will Allan and Jaiden stay together or will Jaiden get fed up with Allan's refusing to commit? Find out next round! On to the Teers next!))


SK said...

I don't know about the first person...I was, don't like it until the last line, and then I saw the potential for fun with it. I dunno; did you feel like you were missing out on what you were able to comment upon? I think I would feel limited doing it in first person.


P.S. Wish I was working with you tomorrow instead of who I am. :(

Liz said...

Yeah... I'm not sure either but we shall see, I'll probably be inconsistent and write it both ways depending on how I'm feeling about the particular house after playing it.

Sorry you have to work with big J and on your birthday no less :(

ruby said...

a secondary romance... nice.. I love romance sims, they bring drama to a house.

reksims said...

Ooo, romance. This will be entertaining.