Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuff & Things

Hiya Folks,

I just wanted to drop in and tell you all that I'm still here! Things have been super hectic the last month and a half with personal life and work so I haven't had much time (or desire, unfortunately) to play or blog my simmies. What free gaming time I do have, I've been using to participate in the GOS Christmas in July activity (you can see all the goodies here). I've also been working on culling and organizing my downloads folder... with 2.5 gigs of CC it's been a pretty daunting task but it's looking pretty good :)

In sorting my downloads folder, I realized that I generally don't ever use Maxis clothing with the exception of a few pieces so I began the search for default replacement clothes to keep my catalogs from exploding. So yesterday, I learned how to make default replacements of maxis clothing, using an awesome tutorial I stumbled upon at the Daily Dish. She also has a link in the upper right hand corner to a Default Database where you can find pieces of Maxis clothing that have already been replaced. The database isn't complete yet though so it still takes some digging to find replacements for certain pieces (I also don't like some of the pieces so I've endeavored to make my own). My goal is to replace anything that I don't use regularly (which would be like 80-85% of the catalog I think)... Anyway for my experiment, I replaced these two Teen Female uglies (4 outfits total) that I never use and drive me crazy in-game:

I replaced them with the super cute H&M swing coat conversion for teens by Mikexx at MTS. I Will post those for download later today, or tomorrow.

I finished editing the pictures for the last post of Round 10 (Vinaya and her beau Kennedy at uni) and I'm going to try and hammer that out today... and I think I'll actually have time to play tonight, yay!!! So keep an eye out for a few updates hopefully in the next few days.


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