Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hoppes 2 (R10)

Last Round, Emmett moved back to the neighborhood after college. Since he didn't have a lot of money, he bought a home that wasn't much decorated nor furnished. Emmett found a job in the Artist career and was slowly able to buy furniture and decorate. He also entertained family and friends and went on a few dates; some of the dates were even with his girlfriend, Victoria. This round, Victoria will be moving in, lets see how things go with these two lovebirds.

Hoppes (Lot 14) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Emmett Hoppes, Victoria Hurt-Pushard
Jar Card 199: Write a Novel

Emmett couldn't be more excited, Victoria was finally graduated from Sim State and would be moving in with him. When She arrived, he was so happy to see her

The first thing on the agenda was to head downtown to get some new clothes and things for the house. Emmett had managed to save enough money from his promotions to purchase a pick-up truck and a rusty old beat up car that he intended to restore

While Victoria was picking out some new threads, Emmett socialized with some new people. The lovely blond introduced herself as Aurelie Beaumont from who lived in the next town over

Emmett tried to befriend Aurelie but she seemed not to be interested in anything he had to say... Emmett thought everyone in the world was interested in Sumo Wrestling... apparently not Aurelie

There was one thing that Aurelie was interested in... it was pranking people, and, unfortunately she has Emmett in her crosshairs

Emmett couldn't have been more happy when Victoria emerged from the fitting room and took Aurelie's attention away from him. Surprisingly, Victoria and Aurelie seemed to get along swimmingly

When they got back home, Victoria hopped on the computer to see if she could find any open positions in the Culinary Career... most of the rooms in the house were still unfurnished, and a secondary income would really be help

The carpool wouldn't arrive until later that afternoon, so Victoria and Emmett decided to pass the time with a little at-home date. It would also help Victoria to be in a good mood for her first day on the job. In all the chaos of the adjustment Victoria found herself wanting things she never thought she would want anymore. Despite having Romance aspirations, she really could see herself spending the rest of her life with Emmett

be careful what you wish for Ms. Victoria...

With Victoria working her way up the food-chain (literally!), and Emmett only working a few days a week, Emmett had a lot of time during the day to kill. He decided that he might try his hand at writing a novel

Emmett thought about what types of books are popular... Crime... Mysteries... Thrillers... he could write a best seller, he was sure of it

When writing got boring he invited over his lady on the side, Shannon Platz... she didn't have to know that his girlfriend had moved in... did she?

That evening Victoria returned home with her first promotion. It wasn't hard when her father had already topped that career path and his name was still well-known in many circles

Victoria spent all day cooking but rarely actually got to eat, so they decided to head downtown to a diner to celebrate her promotion

The Diner was a busy place, it took a while for Victoria and Emmett to be seated. In the meantime they decided to get a photo to hang on the bedroom wall... it was cheaper than buying a real painting for the time being

Dinner was OK, Victoria enjoyed sampling the fare at other establishments to get ideas for her own menu. She also wanted to scope out the competition in case she ever decided to run her own restaurant

As they were leaving the diner they ran into Marty and Sierra and chatted for a bit

So far, Victoria was enjoying her new life with Emmett... they did so many fun things and went on great dates that she decided that she would declare a secondary aspiration of Pleasure

Emmett was at work the entire next day, it was Victoria's turn to occupy herself. She managed to save up some money to purchase an exercise bike similar to the one she enjoyed in college. Conveniently they also had a great big space upstairs where she could use it

She also took advantage of the newly remodeled kitchen to try out a few new recipes. She figured Emmett wouldn't complain about a hot meal when he got home from work

That evening Emmett returned home with another promotion, he was quickly rising to the top of the Artist career... he was so close he could almost taste being a Visionary

It started to become a tradition that they would take advantage of their evenings together by heading downtown and taking in the sights. Emmett had a colleague who was having an exhibit at a gallery downtown, so they agreed to go check it out

While Emmett was taking in the art, Victoria was meeting and greeting. She met a strange old woman who had an almost sickly glow

As they were getting in the truck to head home, Emmett's friend Shannon came out of the blue... needless to say she was very angry to find out that Emmett had a long standing girlfriend

After a hectic night, both Victoria and Emmett had to go into work the next day. Victoria got a great opportunity to endorse a new product and her choice paid off with a nice share of the royalties

Emmett also lucked out and came home with another promtion, this time to the top of the artist career

He had made it to the top of one career, and it set him up for success to achieve his dream of being a Game Designer

When Emmett arrived home, Victoria had a huge surprise for him... and it wasn't a new delicious recipe... She had discovered that she had gotten pregnant

They were both surprised by the news, they thought they had been careful to take precautions against accidental pregnancies...

Emmett decided to do the honorable thing and ask Victoria to marry him

Maybe it was the hormones... Or mayebe, she thought, she would be truly happy with Emmett and ONLY Emmett for the rest of her life... Victoria accepted his proposal and they exchanged their vows in the entry way

Immediately she began having second thoughts, but it was too late now...

Scoring: 1 point for Emmett TOC art career

Household net-worth:

((This house was actually a lot of fun to play. Shannon over at Rosebud packaged up some of her simmies for me to torture and I just kept sending Victoria and Emmett downtown to see if I'd have any Rosebud sim sightings! I'm really surprised with Victoria, Emmett tends to be more promiscuous than she is. As long as Victoria has her exercise bike during the day and a date at night, she's happy as a clam. The pregnancy was a complete surprise because I could have sworn I put her on birth control in college... unless it resets when they age transition... oh well, they're babies will be cute, so I don't care. One more lot this round and that is Vinaya and her beau Kennedy in the Dorms at Sim State... Pictures aren't edited yet, so it'll be up in a few days mebbe... stay tuned!))


Rachel said...

Crossovers in hoods! How exciting.

SK said...

HAHAHAHAHA, Aurélie is such a bitch. :') I love her. And man, Emmett, how mean, getting Miss Romance Victoria to move in, then cheating. Serves him right that she was all like, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" after he proposed to her, lol. Nevertheless, I hope they settle, because I do think they're a cute couple, and I was happy to see Victoria actually get a want to marry him!

jungfrun68 said...

Romancers are fun to play - sometimes I really enjoy trying to have affairs behind the other sim's back and see how long it works. But downtown dates is really dangerous! :)