Thursday, August 19, 2010

University I3

And here we are... last post of Round 10 featuring Vinaya and her elvish boyfriend, Kennedy. In the last installment of university, Vinaya and Kennedy pledged in and spent a lot of time at the Greek House (and autonomously did lots of homework so I came back to them in the dorms and they had full grade bars). I broke down and installed ACR, so lets see how things went, shall we?

Vinaya and Kennedy, despite being members of the Greek House decided that they were going to rough it in the dorms their first half of college life. As long as they had each other, they didn't need anything else

The first item on the agenda was makeovers. Vinaya decided to ditch the pink bow and cut her hair shorter

Vinaya Devivio - Libra (2/9/2/10/10)
Knowledge (LTW: become Head of the SCIA)

Kennedy wasn't one for a normal look, he had a unique appearance and he thought that his clothes should reflect that. In addition to a striking outfit, he opted to go for some Ink too...

Kennedy Smith - Aquarius (4/4/4/7/6)
Family (LTW: become Captain Hero)

After spending so much time at the Greek House, it was hard to be happy with life in the dorms... the food was kinda crappy, but they suffered through it

Also, the bathrooms tended to be quite disgusting being shared by 20 college students. ((Luckily Kennedy tends to clean a lot despite only having 4 neat points!))

The dorm also lacked privacy at times...

A few consolations of living in the dorms was that the particular building they were assigned had a pool table a a few other interesting things to do...

Vinaya also talked the University into installing a greenhouse that they could use to produce their own food

After classes had started, both Vinaya and Kennedy started thinking about what they would like major in... Vinaya thought that she might like to major in Physics, though she was unsure how it would help her achieve her dream of heading the most prestigious intelligence agency in the Sim Universe

Kennedy also chose a major that might not exactly help him in his criminal justice pursuits, but literature was something he enjoyed, so he decided to go with it

Since most of the fun stuff was on the second floor of the dorms, the common room never seemed to be occupied... and doing homework in the study area was much preferable to studying in their cramped dorm rooms

The dorm rooms were good for one thing though.....

Being free of their parents was refreshing, and Vinaya knew that her parents were doing the same thing when they were in college (afterall, she was born on that very campus!)

When they weren't studying, both Vinaya and Kennedy spent a lot of time out in the greenhouse, they had to do something to make the food more bearable. Vinaya managed to earn her Gold gardening badge and Kennedy got a start on his skills earning a Bronze gardening badge in the process

Even though college was a lot of hard work, Vinaya and Kennedy soared through their first two years of college both managing to maintain 4.0 GPAs in the process.

Scoring: 1.5 points (1 point for adding Kennedy as playable, .5 point for Vinaya's gold gardening badge)

((Sorry the update was so short, I played most of the time on 3x speed because uni bores me pretty much to death. Kennedy is quite the looker and I'm glad that he's family because I won't feel bad about making these two have many many beautiful babies! Also, Vinaya should have a blonde recessive gene from grandpa Guy, so hopefully we'll start to get some genetic variety. A couple outtakes:

The cow decided to pillow fight the cafeteria guy, and the cafeteria guy liked it... the ran around pillow fighting for the better part of the day

And this is what happens with ACR... tisk tisk Vinaya, I'll have to remember to lock the dorm room door so they don't have access to a double bed when their significant others aren't around I guess... /sigh

And that wraps up Round 10. I'm thinking of doing recaps at the end of the round and a score sheet tally since this is starting to get long... We'll see if i get the energy to do so, lol. I have the first two houses of Round 11 played but I need to edit pictures, if work isn't busy, hopefully I can get them edited tonight :) Stay tuned for the kick of of Round 11 and the Pushard household next!))


Anonymous said...

Kennedy is a cutie!

And good job on all the good grades!

Your last pic is why I'm STILL on the fence about ACR. Guess I have control issues.

Eien Herrison said...

Tisk, tisk Vinaya indeed! Aside from that incident, ACR doesn't seem to have negatively affected your 'hood -- how are you liking it so far?

Kennedy is indeed a striking-looking sim, and I hope he and Vinaya have good-looking babies :)

jungfrun68 said...

ACR gives you your sims real selves! Vinaya is apparently not a good girl, and you have to learn to live with it ;)
Is she on birth control?

Liz said...

@galloway: I'm pretty sure there are settings that make sims only want to woohoo with their significant other... Kennedy just happened to be away at his final when Vinaya's timer hit 0 I guess... Oh well.

@Eien: ACR is fun so far, but then again I'm playing my very established houses right now so there isn't really much going on anyway. My sims are usually just making out in inappropriate places now when I'm not micromanaging them, lol. Kennedy is a family sim, I don't think he'll have a problem churning out the bebies ;)

@J68: I wasn't really sure that Vinaya was a good girl to begin with, 10 nice points doesn't mean she isn't devious, lol. I think I put her on birth control... They'll be moving into the greek house in Round 11, so I guess I don't have to worry about her getting it on with the dormies anymore... although ACR + dorms makes things a lot more interesting.

SK said...

Naughty, naughty Vinaya!!! I can't wait to see their babies too. I kind of want to get some elf ears in my 'hood. Guess I'll have to do it through my PT replacements.

You realize that these two are totally going to have dark skinned babies with blonde hair, right? ;)

Liz said...

@SK: I know... she's so bad but the greek house in Round 11 that I just started playing is like 10x worse! ACR makes my uni kids total skanks, lol. And yeah, i know about the dark skin/light hair combo, but it was bound to happen sometimes. I'm hoping with all the genetisized skintones in between that it won't be as glaring of a contrast... it will prob happen with Flora and Annatto too.

Paula said...

Great post, as usual!!
I follow your blog since its beginning and it has inspired me to give Prosperity another shot! I'm a slow player, and I don't blog, so kudos for you, for such nice and complete updates!!
And, yeah, Uni also bores me a looooooooooooot!!! I always play it 3x speed and usually have my teens with all the skills needed for their majors before they move, so there I can, at least, focus on gardening, badging or romancing... :)
Keep up the awesome work!!! And I'll keep following it!!