Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pushard Round 10

And we're off... Round 10!

Last round at the Pushard's, Jaiden continued to make friends and worked at her grocery store, training James to one day take over. She also hired a new employee who wasn't really working out but refused to quit. Allan dappled in pottery and earned a gold pottery badge. In his precious free time, James headed downtown and met up with an unexpected young lady, Magenta Devivio, who was the same age as his sister. James and Magenta went on a few dates and really hit it off. Victoria went on a few dates with her friend, Keith Lee, but her heart was still with her boyfriend, Emmett Hoppes who was off at Sim State. At the end of the round, Victoria went off to university where she could be reunited with him. Lets see how things go this round as Jaiden and Allan age in to elders and the last of their children goes off to college.

Pushard (Lot 1) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (left to right): James Hurt, Allan Pushard, Jaiden Hurt
Jar Card 244 (Open from R9): Hire a sim and work them until they quit
Jar Card 123: No career [or aspiration] rewards for 1 round

We're going to ring in the beginning of a new round with a Birthday party. Jaiden, being a popularity sim, couldn't have been more excited... any excuse to throw a party, she thought. She conveniently ignored the fact that the party was to ring in she and Allan entering their Golden Years

The guests started to arrive right on cue

Kurt and Brittany Devivio

Melody and Darren Eich, Tia Eich, Jack Copur

Victoria Hurt

Allan and Jaiden entertained their guests a little before it was time for cake

When everyone was settled in, the group went into the dining room to witness Allan and Jaiden's transition into Elderhood

As soon as the candles were extinguished it seemed that Allan and Jaiden could feel the years wash over them, they both had everything they wanted so far in life, it was time to sit back and enjoy it

Allan Pushard

Jaiden Hurt

Even as old fogies, Allan and Jaiden knew how to have a good time. The guests all enjoyed themselves thoroughly, even James and Victoria

The party turned out to be a good time for all

The next morning, after Breakfast, Allan gave Jaiden her birthday present. Jaiden was a little confused why he didn't give it to her the evening before, but she happily accepted it nonetheless

After that, it was back to business. Jaiden harvested the winter vegetables and packed them into crates to head off to the market

When she had finished packing up the harvest, Jaiden was surprised to see a sprite-ly looking lady waiting for her. The young woman told Jaiden that he years of commitment to nature had earned her recognition with the nature club.

The market was bustling with people eager to get some fresh produce for spring

It was so busy all of Jaiden's employees were hustling. Jaiden was glad that she had brought James along to help her on the register that particular afternoon. He wasn't very good at it yet, but eventually he'd get the hang of it

It was at the store that Jaiden could really feel her age catching up with her. She couldn't work as hard as she used to without stopping for frequent coffee breaks

While Jaiden and James were off at the store, Allan was having a rough day. First, his dog, Suzi died. She'd been with him his entire adult life, he took it pretty hard

It also seemed that nobody was home that day, he tried calling many of his friends, and all he got was answering machines

Allan thought he was hallucinating when he saw a giant pink bunny show up in his foyer. Strangely the company of the imaginary bunny made him feel less lonely though

That evening when they returned from the store, James applied for his scholarships

and went off to join up with his sister and girlfriend at Sim State

After hearing of Allan's plight the previous day, and feeling a little empty nest herself, Jaiden went out to the wishing well and made a wish that they would never feel lonely again

Minutes later, as though through magic, she was surrounded by close friends

Scoring: 0 points (1 point for Jaiden's nature hobby plaque, -1 point for a social bunny visit)

Household Net-Worth: whoops didn't write it down! will check later

((This was a pretty uneventful round at the Pushard house. I actually find Jaiden and Allan more endearing as elders. The jar card for this lot was actually no career rewards for 1 round, but I expanded it to be no aspiration rewards as well... Running a business was really difficult without use of the energizer, and there aren't any snapdragons in the store either. The social bunny was a complete accident. Usually Allan does his own thing, I rarely even look at his needs because he usually takes care of them himself. When I looked it was too late and the social bunny had already shown up. I can't wait to see James as a YA, he's still sitting in the sim bin so I don't know if his features will balance out or not. Magenta is waiting for him at the Greek house. We're off to the Teer household next!))


jungfrun68 said...

Accidental Social bunnies are actually pretty fun. I've had that happen in a crowded Greek House!

Allan and Jaiden look really good as elders!

Francesca Dean said...

That would be an interesting Random Event--no aspiration reward use. I haven't seen the social bunny in ages!

Your store looks neat.

Eien Herrison said...

Like Francesca, I haven't seen the Social Bunny in ages (last time I remember was around September 2008...five sims in college and one of them still ended up with no Social).

I hate seeing sim pets die, but both Allan and Jaiden look lovely as elders. Hope James gets on well at college.

Liz said...

I think that's the first time I've ever had a social bunny actually. I've had plenty of sim shrink visits in the past though!

@j68: with your greek house, there's no wonder you have accidental social bunnies! I don't know how to don't go crazy playing uni with that many students at a time!

@Francesca: no aspiration rewards was a little difficult especially with James going off to college and the business -- thinking caps and energizers (and smartmilk when there are babies) are the only ones I usually use. The store is pre-made maxis but highly renovated. I used the shop til you drop superset over at TSR for the shelving. There is a rotating shelf that I use for cakes it looks really nice.

@Eien: I really like them as elders too! Sim pets don't really bother me, I'm not sure they add much to the game IMO, but oh well, I'm not going to risk uninstalling the EP and blowing up my game!

reksims said...

I don't ever think I've seen a social bunny by accident either. I have to work really hard to make the sims that lonely.

No making the employee quit still, huh?

SK said...

I want the social bunny to visit one of my sims! I've never seen it in my game. This is obviously a sign that I micromanage too much.

I love how they look as darling. Jaiden especially aged well, I think.

Poor Suzi! It's so sad when sim pets die, I think. :\ Sometimes I'm more sad to see them go than the sims themselves!