Thursday, January 7, 2010

Devivio 1 (R9)

Last time we visited the Devivio homestead, Sofia gave birth to their 6th and final child, Eddie. The twins aged into teens with Frank declaring a Fortune aspiration, and Magenta declaring a Pleasure aspiration. Magenta tried calling the matchmaker for dates but soon learned that she wasn't one for blind dates. Later in the week Columbia transitioned into a teen also declaring a Pleasure aspiration like both of her sisters before her. At the end of the round, Brad went off to Sim State with his girlfriend, Tessa Ramirez. Lets see how the house fared this round

Devivio 1 (Lot 4) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Columbia Devivio, Magenta Devivio, Sofia [Teer] Devivio, Guy Devivio, Frank Devivio, Eddie Devivio
Jar Card 5: Midlife Crisis, blow all money on entertainment, clothes, cars, etc.

Being Pleasure Sims, Columbia and Magenta were always able to find something to keep them occupied. The bonus was that Magenta had recently gotten her drivers' license so she was able to drive them downtown instead of having to pay taxi fare every time they wanted to go out

The first place they stopped that Saturday was Sims Gone Wired so Columbia could pick up a cell phone

Then they headed to the bowling alley to bowl a couple games before their parent's birthday party that evening

Frank had no interest in his sisters' pursuits, he wanted to make money, not blow it on frivolous things. Frank ended up finding a job in the Athletic Career track, the fast paced speed of sporting events suited him

Being the driven individual that he is, it didn't take Frank long to achieve a promotion, now he would get to wear the llama suit and be a part of the game, rather than just picking up dirty towels and sanitizing the showers

Frank brought home a lot of co-workers, most of them female. Unfortunately for them, Frank had his mind on his money, not on women (yet). Why get involved with high school girls when college is right around the corner, Frank thought to himself.

Guy and Sofia decided to throw themselves a 50th birthday bash, they had worked hard in their careers and raised 6 children, they deserved to have a good time

The aches and pains of their hard work seemed to almost instantly manifest themselves

The crowd of onlookers cheered and celebrated Guy and Sofia's many accomplishments

Guy Devivio

Sofia Devivio

Despite being in their Golden Years, Guy and Sofia had aged pretty well. Brad was having a hard time with his parents transitioning into elderhood. His accomplishments felt insignificant in comparison with his parents

Everyone had a great time celebrating the birthdays, the kids enjoyed dancing and the adults enjoyed socializing with one another

The party turned out to be a roof raiser, Guy, however, was unable to see his guests out, he had other matters to attend to

The next day while the kids were at school, Guy and Sofia finished and renovated the basement. They earned all this money, why not spend it! The kids came home to a full bowling alley and home theater in the basement

All of the Devivio's enjoyed the new recreation space. Magenta could work on her bowling handicap

And everyone enjoyed a round of cards at the card table

When they weren't hanging out in the basement, the Teens were enjoying other pursuits. Magenta and James started hanging out on a regular basis

Eventually Magenta worked up enough courage to take their crush to the next level

James enjoyed being over at the Devivio's, they had the coolest basement in town

Columbia also got into the dating scene. She wanted to meet as many guys as she could (50 first dates LTW), but she wasn't feeling like getting serious just yet, so she turned to the matchmaker

The matchmaker got quite a bundle of cash from Columbia Devivio that week

Date #1: Prof. Christopher Knight

Date #2: Cory Huerta

Date #3: Johnson Benson

Date #4: Jimmy Phoenix

Date #5: Jake Barakat

Date #6: Ty Bubbler

While his sisters were doing the date thing, Frank was doing the mascot thing and he was excelling at it

With the high activity level of their teens, the house was always full of other teenagers

When all the teens left and their own kids were in bed, Sofia and Guy had some time to relax. They still had Eddie to think about even when all the teens would be off at Sim State... when would they actually be able to enjoy their retirement, they thought

By mid-week, it was time for the twins to head off to Sim State to join their brother Brad. Both of them checked what scholarships they were able to earn

Then Frank and Magenta got into their cabs to begin their Young Adult lives

Eddie was happy that there were less people in the house, she felt that she didn't receive the attention that she deserved with all those teenagers in the house

Scoring: -1 point for Brads aspiration failure

Household Net-Worth: 114,773

((This house was insanity this round with all the teenagers and their dates and friends at the house the whole time. I sent all the company home prior to Sofia and Guy's birthday party because I was afraid my computer would lag out if there were guests and the family in the house at the same time -- 14 is enough for me! Guy and Sofia are elders ::sniff:: I'm going to be really sad when they pass on although that won't be for a few more rounds. They make pretty distinguished looking elders IMO :) The jar card was fun this round -- the household had 45,000 in available funds so I chose to spend it on a nice basement rec-room. I'm not sure I actually need to deduct points for Brad's breakdown since it didn't happen while he was playable but I figured he would just have a breakdown anyway when I opened his lot. I assume he went into aspiration failure because Kelly and Clayton died but I was completely puzzled when it happened. The teens are fun but tiring. Magenta and James are getting along very well and Columbia is progressing nicely on her LTW so far. Frank doesn't want to do anything other than buy things and make money, he has no interest in any of the teen girls so I suppose we'll try and find him a mate at uni. One thing I would just like to point out:

Byron Wade is a complete shit... he would only come by to steal the paper, I couldn't get anyone to meet him in time, I'd like to see how he and Eddie get along. We're off to visit with the Hoppes Family next))


jungfrun68 said...

Minus for aspiration failure is not valid until you have a shrink visit with your playable sim, I would say.
Guy looks really great as an elder, I really fell in love with him :)

SK said...

I have yet to experience the 50 first dates LTW! I think it would be really fun, since they don't necessarily have to be GOOD dates. I don't have many pleasure sims, though, so maybe when they start populating my hood, I'll get some.

I LOVE the basement rec room, even if it means you get half the neighborhood teens hanging out all the time. I can't wait until I get some sims rich enough (and with enough space) to do something spectacular like that. I'm holding out for an ice skating rink!

Guy and Sophia elders! Sniff! At least we'll still have them for a couple of rounds as very snazzy seniors!

Mao said...

LOL! My hood is full of mean sims, so it's like "who is going to steal the paper" roulette. For the longest time, Lilith Yu was the reigning paper stealing champ.

Guy and Sofia look good as elders. I can hardly believe it. And now they have a bowling alley in their house. That's pretty opulent. ;)

Liz said...

@j68: Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I guess I'll still keep the -1 point for it b/c he would have broke down immediately when I opened the university lot anyway, he was completely in the red. You're right, Guy is very handsome, I'm going to have a hard time letting him go!

@SK: I'm looking forward to Columbia's LTW, I just remember laughing and laughing with the 50 first dates LTW in Asimmetrical (I miss that blog!). Plus it takes the pressure off me to marry her off, lol.

@Mao: Oh, I miss Lilith!!! I'm loving the bowling alley, it keeps them pretty busy :) They deserve it after raising so many kids.

Eien Herrison said...

I wonder, are Columbia and Eddie going to aim for the pool scolarship now that there's a pool table available.

I have to say, I'd look forward to 50 first dates much more than 50 dream dates -- at least with the first dates you can pay the matchmaker the absolute minimum and, so long as the date starts, it counts :P

reksims said...

Fun rec room! Perfect for a house with all these teens.