Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eich 1 (R9)

Last round at the Eich household, hormones were running rampant as the teens, Angelica and Annatto tried to find significant others. Annatto finally found someone that struck his fancy in Flora Devivio. Mid-Round Tyrone passed on to the great sim beyond making the house a little less hectic. Anise transitioned into a teen declaring a fortune aspiration with a LTW to become a space pirate. At the end of the round, Angelica headed off to Sim State. How will Annatto fare with Flora off at university? Will Anise be able to find a mate who is accepting of her unique heritage? How will Melody and Darren get along with an emptying house? Lets find out

This image is a bit of a spoiler, but I forgot to take one as the lot was loading the first time

Eich 1 (Lot 3) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (left to right): Anise Eich, Annatto Eich, Darren Eich, Melody Eich
Jar Card 189: Woohoo in Closet

The Eich's had recently gotten closets installed in the house and decided to break them in the best way they could think of

Darren and Melody weren't the only ones getting romance in their lives that weekend, Anise had recently begun hanging out with a cute redhead named Keith Lee

Although Anise wasn't terribly outgoing, she felt that she could really be herself around Keith. Most of the time, Anise let her actions do the talking, Keith was surprised when she clocked him right in the kisser with a pillow -- where did that pillow come from? He thought to himself

After running around the entire yard emptying the pillows of their feather stuffing, both Anise and Keith knew there was more there. Keith was getting used to all the female attention he was receiving around the neighborhood, but somehow his time with Anise felt more special... maybe because she was very special

Keith was surprised by what happened between him and Anise next

Anise and Keith were both on cloud nine after their kiss. Anise was pretty sure she had found her match

Keith would do anything she suggested, even allow her to practice on him at her makeover station. The first few attempts weren't very successful

but eventually Anise got the hang of it

Melody was feeling a little nauseous after her workout that morning, she thought that she must just be dehydrated, there's no way at her age that she could be pregnant again

Sure enough Melody started to exhibit the tell tale signs of pregnancy. She and Darren were very surprised

Melody: "Darren, I'm pregnant again"
Darren: "um... Let me finish my grilled cheese then we can talk about this more..."

Since graduation was right around the corner, Flora was off at sim state, and Melody was milling about the house all day Annatto was getting stir crazy. He tried to find ways to keep himself occupied. He spent a lot of time out of the house, mainly at the gaming parlors downtown

When Annatto was stuck in the house, he could mostly be found looking at the stars through the telescope

It appeared that his great grandma, Ericka was getting stir crazy as well

Annatto finally convinced his parents to let him get another puppy who he named Robin

Melody's pregnancy passed quickly and without incident and one morning while she was cleaning up the breakfast dishes she felt her water break

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl they named Alcea

Melody was confused, the contractions didn't stop after Alcea was born...

It felt like she was going into labor all over again and a little while later out came baby boy Astilbe Eich

Alcea Eich

Astilbe Eich

The twins were a full time job to take care of but Annatto still found time for the dogs. Robin grew up in a happy healthy beagle

Annatto worked on training Robin so he would get more socialization

Despite the training, the teens still allowed the dogs to sleep on the foot of their beds

Anise and Annatto were working with the dogs so well that Darren decided it was time to get the dogs some jobs, he managed to find them all jobs in the Service career track

With all the training they received the dogs did very well as service dogs. Danish and Robin even received promotions their first night of work

After the birth of the twins time went by pretty normally at the Eich household. The teens continued to go to school and keep in touch with their significant others. Anise and Keith were pretty much inseparable

The twins were growing fast and soon it was time for a birthday party -- a birthday party was not something Darren and Melody expected to see until they were turning 55.

The twins grew up into happy, healthy toddlers

Alcea Eich - Capricorn

Astilbe Eich - Scorpio

After the twins blew out their candles, it was time for Annatto to leave for College. He managed to earn a few scholarships.

The shuttle arrived a short while later to take him to Sim State to join his sister, Angelica and girfriend, Flora

Darren and Melody were both stable adults, well into their middle age. They couldn't believe that they had two toddlers to raise with the rest of their kids at college or heading there soon. Being middle aged did have it advantages though, they worked less and were able to devote a lot more time to the twins

Scoring: 2 points (1 each for the twins)

Household Net-Worth: 370,180

((Well, hmm, where to start... the pregnancy in an of itself was a surprise, Melody was 10 days away from elderhood so it was very unlikely that she would get pregnant... When twins popped out I was double surprised -- no pun intended! I guess it's not all that bad, I'm sure that Darren and Melody will live long lives, and if they both kick the bucket before the twins go off to uni then there is always Roberto to take care of the house. On the plus side, it solved my dilemma with Flora and Annatto because they can move into Pamela's cottage and pop out a few kids before getting married so there is a Devivio heir there. Things will just get crazy if I move Annatto and Flora into the Eich house and raise a million dogs there for Annatto's LTW. On another note, I'm glad Anise and Keith are getting along, the problem is that he tends to get along with all my teens so far this round. He went on a date with Victoria Pushard, and he and Tabitha Devivio also have 2 bolts. I forget what his aspiration is, but I think it's either fortune or knowledge. A few other things happened this round that really weren't that relevant. Annatto had the want to learn couples counseling so I let him

And Roberto earned a hobby plaque in games. Since Servos don't count toward points though, I'm not counting it.

That's it for this house, Off to the first Devivio house next!)


jungfrun68 said...

Twins, just like that!
It happens to my sims from time to time, too...

SK said...

Omg, Astilbe will be SUCH a heartbreaker when he gets big! They are very unique looking twins! Most toddlers seem like they look pretty uniform, but they have a very distinct look about them. YAY! Moar babies! Sorry Darren and Melody.

Your generated townies are super-cute. Damn my non-gaming computer and its graphical (and custom content) limitations!!!