Monday, January 11, 2010

Hoppes 1 (R9)

Last Round at the Hoppes household, the family had a bout of bad luck. The sentry bot went berserk shocking most of the family members before it could be repaired. After Lorraine's birthday, they decided to take a Far East Vacation that didn't turned out to be a dud too. When they returned from vacation, Emmett continued to date Victoria Hurt and Marty found someone special in Sierra Seiff. Marty also earned his games hobby plaque. At the end of the round the boys headed off to Sim State. How will Lorraine enjoy having the house to herself this round? Lets find out

Pushard (Lot 5) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Serena Hoppes, Amar Hoppes, Lorraine Hoppes
Jar Card 56: Eat from the buffet table for 1 week

With the boys at College, Serena and Amar had no choice but to hire a nanny to take care of Lorraine while they were at work. Unfortunately, the nanny they hired was completely inept at taking care of children, instead she played more with the toys in the house

Luckily Lorraine was a self sufficient young lady, she was easily able to keep herself busy. After school she generally watched a little TV

When she got tired of TV, she would go paint or work in the garden

She started learning more and more about the plants that she was able to earn a bronze gardening badge

Amar returned from work that day with a promotion and a friend

Jihoon didn't care too much for Amar's invitation for grilled cheese though

When Serena got home, Lorraine told her all about the inadequate care she received from the nanny "Mooooooommmmm," Lorraine whined, "why do I even have to stay with a nanny I'm almost 13! She doesn't even make me a snack when I get home!" Serena decided to make sure that her baby would have food when she got home from school

The next day when everyone was out of the house, Allegra passed on to the great litter box in the sky

Allegra had been Jill's cat that somehow managed to outlive her owner. Serena and Amar were just glad they wouldn't have to clean the litter box anymore

Lorraine enjoyed the buffet her mom had set up for her. The nanny was still at the house but Lorraine didn't need her at all now that she had all the food she could possibly eat

That day at work, Serena had to make a decision about how to best raise test scores in her schools, unfortunately for her, her constituents didn't agree with her decision

Serena brought home her friend Melody Eich who helped Serena reason through her work decision

Amar had better luck at work that day and came home with a promotion

Evenings at the Hoppes house were a pretty quiet affair, Amar would usually do some stargazing before bed

And Lorraine continued helping out in the greenhouse, earning her silver gardening badge

Since her birthday was coming up Lorraine convinced her parents to buy her a puppy that she named Queenie

Amar returned with another promotion that afternoon

That evening it was time to celebrate Lorraine's transition into teenager-hood. When both of her parents had returned from work, it was time for cake

Lorraine blew out the candles and seemed to grow up right in front of her parents eyes

Lorraine decided that she would devote her life to the pursuit of money

Lorraine Hoppes - Scorpio
LTW - Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Lorraine sat down with her parents and talked to them about her desire to be a business owner. Amar and Serena decided to purchase a shop in Bluewater that they would give to Lorraine when she graduated college

Serena purchased an electronics shop since the house already had a robot station

Serena generally worked at the shop while Lorraine learned the basics of Robot making at home

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth: 253,121

((This round was a very quiet round in the Hoppes household. There was lots of skilling and working. I was going to have Serena purchase a Robotics shop anyway but Lorraine's LTW made me stop slacking and buy it. Hopefully she can earn a few badges before she goes off to college so that when she comes back she'll be ready to work those 5 businesses up to Level 10. Marty and Sierra will be back next round, so hopefully there will be more excitement. We're off to visit Pamela and Jack next!))


SK said...

Sometimes quiet houses are a relief. Lorraine turned out really pretty, though she has a heck of a nose on her!

Liz said...

Yeah, she got the Teer shovel shaped nose like her Uncle Addison (/frown) She looks AWFUL as an elder, lol.

jungfrun68 said...

I have still to fulfill the 5 businesses want... I wish you good luck!

Francesca Dean, Feature Editor said...

so were Lorraine's after-school activities free will? I was curious if she gardened on her own.

that's a funny random event, eat from the buffet table for a week! The buffet table always reminds me of Sims 1 parties for some reason.

Eien Herrison said...

Even if the nanny was slacking off, at least she paid for a portion of her wages by playing with the Gamer career reward.

Good luck on the top five businesses LTW.

Mao said...

Aww! Lorraine grew up into a lovely young lady--the nose adds character, but yeah, weird noses never translate well to old age. :( Loved the crack at the nanny--they really are useless. They just want money to play with the toys, LOL!

reksims said...

Did any of the sims get fat from the buffet table? And I agree taht Lorraine is very pretty.