Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hoppes (R8)

Last time at the Hoppes residence, Jill Hoppes (finally) departed Silvervale for the great Sim beyond but not before the twins transitioned into teens. Marty grew up declaring a family aspiration wishing to graduate 3 children from college, Emmett grew up declaring a pleasure aspiration with a desire to become a game designer. Emmett also found a 3 bolt match in Victoria Pushard while Marty had a hard time finding a girl his own age. He did, however have a brief romp with a much older woman named Camryn Gergis. Serena earned her Impossible want of maximizing all skills and also earned her gold robotics badge. The family also added another member, a daughter named Lorraine. At the end of the round Serena and Amar switched careers, Serena to Education and Amar to Natural Science. Will the Marty be able to find love this round? How will Lorraine grow into her strange features? Lets see...

Hoppes (Lot 5) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #261: Buy a Vacation Home

The week at the Hoppes house was not a good week. At Columbia's birthday party, Serena got into a small argument with her niece, Janet. Janet came by to steal the paper, still angry at her aunt

The sentry bot wasn't about to allow Janet to take the newspaper

During the fiasco outside, the boys were inside studying for their college entrance exams

The sentry bot, however, didn't stop just shocking Janet... it got a little trigger happy. Emmett was just finishing up reading when the sentry bot started going off

The sentry bot then made its way upstairs where Serena was relaxing before bed

Luckily Serena wasn't too shocked that she was able to chase down the bot and deactivate it while she went outside to tighten a few screws that had come lose

Marty and Emmet weren't getting along too well either, Marty would constantly tease Emmett about his relationship with Victoria, most likely because he was unable to find a girl (which really hurts for a family sim!)

The week wasn't all bad though, Amar and Serena both started bringing home promotions in their new careers

That evening was also Lorraine's birthday

She grew up into a very pretty and active child taking features from both of her parents

Lorraine Hoppes

Amar decided it was time for the family to take a relaxing vacation, with all the success he and Serena had been having at work they were able to buy a vacation home in Takemizu Village

The next day, the Hoppes arrived at their vacation home

After settling in, the family went and bought some far eastern clothes at one of the tourist pagodas

The Family looked great in their new kimonos and posed for a picture before embarking on their first tour

The family had a wonderful time on their tour of the bamboo forest getting up close to a lot of wildlife

The fun and relaxation the family enjoyed on the first day ended that evening though when their time away turned into the vacation from hell

When they got back to the house, Amar made a wish on the pagoda wishing well at the house. The wish made him break out in hives for the remainder of the vacation

Marty also made a wish which spawned a hive of bees that chased him around the lot

After Marty outran the bees the boys decided to dig for treasure, unfortunately all they found was the watermane

Hoping that the next day would be better, the family decided to take another tour, this time to a Far Eastern Market. Unfortunately they were left stranded by the tour guide

The exhausted family immediately headed back to the house in order to rest up. Emmett seemed to be having the worst time

Amar and Serena decided to unwind with some fishing in the small pond on the property while the kids rested

The relaxation was short-lived, however when the tree next to the pond got struck by lightning and caught fire

Luckily the rain put the fire out and nobody was hurt.

on the last day of the trip, the family decided, against their better judgment to take another tour. During the tour the tourguide gave them a map to a secret location in the Far East

Serena and Amar decided to leave the kids at the house and follow the map. At the pagoda they met a strange old man. He made them some tea and then taught them some TaiChi

After learning the basics of TaiChi, the old man told them a tale of dragons and heroism

When the family arrived home to Silvervale it was back to business as usual. Lorraine missed Alegra most of all

Marty noticed that there was a new girl at school named Sierra, she was really pretty, Marty asked her back to the house after school

Marty and Sierra hung out all afternoon and got to know each other a little better, Marty still hadn't worked up the guts to ask her out on a date.

While Marty was getting to know Sierra, Emmett and Victoria decided to go check out the Gaming hobby lot. Emmett must be taking lessons from Rachel's Sims because the first thing he did was give Victoria a nice big "I missed you" Noogie.

They enjoyed a nice game of Don't Wake the Llama

And Emmett impressed Victoria by winning a gaming competition that was going on

Even though Emmett and Victoria went to the gaming lot, it was Marty who managed to earn his gaming plaque later that night

The next day, Amar brought home another promotion

((I forget what he was booing at but this picture makes me giggle everytime I see it))

Marty finally worked up enough courage to ask Sierra on a date. The date went very well and Marty was ecstatic to learn that Sierra would be heading off to Sim State the same time he and Emmett were scheduled to go.

On Saturday morning the boys checked their scholarships and headed off to start their young adult lives at Sim State. Emmett left first thing in the morning

Then Marty left a little later

Scoring: 1 point for Marty's Games Hobby Plaque

Household Net-Worth: 181,801

((This entry seems pretty disjointed to me -- nothing really related or interesting happened other than the horrible vacation, I really thought I was going to lose Emmett after all his needs plummeted from the bad tour chance card -- Can sims die while on vacation? Marty was so close to maxing his games enthusiasm that he spent most of the round at the chess table. Here are some pics of him cheating while playing against Lorraine. Usually I don't watch when my sims are skilling so this is the first time I've seen a sim get caught cheating at chess... Lorraine's reaction is too funny

Anyway, both boys are very mean sims, especially Marty but usually I micromanage them so much they don't have a chance to noogie and pick on each other. I'm glad Marty found a prospective mate but I'm not sure they're right for each other -- Sierra is stuck on the grow-up LTW, I aged her up with Annatto Eich, so when they get to Sim State I will randomly roll her an aspiration and hit her with the batbox. The update for the Hoppes boys at Uni will be late in the round because I have 4 uni houses to play though so I'm spacing them out so I don't go crazy! Anyway -- we'll check on Janet, Ricky and little Vinaya at University next))


jungfrun68 said...

Those chess pictures were really funny! An Lorraine looks sooo much like Annika Lind

SK said...

HAHAHAHA, the cheating at chess! I've never seen that happen yet either. Totally hilarious little Lorraine is totally catching her brother out at it. My grandmother used to cheat when she played cards with me. -.-

Liz said...

@J68 -- they look similar, probably the hair. I popped Lorraine into bodyshop once because I was curious how her features would look as an adult. She has a HUGE forehead. She and Annkia won't look anything alike once Lorraine grows up.

@SK -- omg the reaction was totally hilarious I can just imagine the dialog in my head. The Hoppes are actually a mean bunch but I micromanage so much you don't really see it. My grandparents cheat at cards all the time and then try to pretend they are just senile!

SK said...

HAHAHAHA. Your grandparents and my late grandmother would have gotten along well. I always say she was my bitchy grandmom (my dad's mom), as opposed to the nice grandmom (my mom's mom). :)

Anonymous said...

I dunno why my sims noogie so much, but it's constant! And those chess pictures are is Amar booing at his promotion.