Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eich 1 (R8)

Last round at the Eich homestead the family reached a record number of points! Melody reached the top of her career and fulfilled her LifeTime want. Darren and Melody both achieved their Impossible Wants of maximizing all skills. Anise transitioned into a child and all 3 kids got accepted to private school. Julio and Tyrone both maximized their lifetime aspiration meters, right in time for Julio to pass into the great sim beyond. Angelica transitioned into a teen declaring a popularity aspiration with a lifetime want to reach the top of the military career, and Annatto transitioned into a teen with a family aspiration and a lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens (oh boy!). Lets see what happens in this crazy house this week.

Eich 1 (Lot 3) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #30: Play on Playground Equipment

At the beginning of the week the kids were all having a case of cabin fever. Anise went out to play on the merry-go-round even though it was still technically winter

Angelica and Annatto headed downtown to Lucky Shack to play some cards and see if they could meet any new people. Unfortunately the only people there were middle-aged men.

Annatto and Angelica may have been lucky at the card table, but Melody wasn't so lucky with a chance card she received

Darren brought a friend, Melissa Curtin, home from work but she and Roberto didn't get along very well and Darren had to ask her to leave

Melody decided to channel her negative energy over the demotion into something constructive so she taught Danish a new trick

Then she took out some rage watching sports (her OTH)

Bad luck seems to run in this household... the next day, Danish got a very bad chance card

And Melody made another poor work decision

Also, a very angry Melissa Curtin came by to steal the paper and kick over the trash can... Luckily the sentry bot was active...

First visit

Second visit

You'd think after being shocked twice in a row Ms. Curtin would have learned her lesson... not so, she came back about 5 more times attempting to steal the paper or kick over the trash can... each time she got shocked

The day wasn't all bad. The Gypsy came by with a gift for the Eich's

And Anise came home with her first A+

Annatto brought Marsha Bruening home from school, alas he had no bolts with the lovely young lady though

Angelica, however, wanted to get to know Marsha better

Later that evening, Annatto invited his friend Audrey Tomyoy... he didn't have any bolts with her either

The next day, the teens brought home some friends home from school. The teens enjoyed some shmustle in the front yard

It seemed that Annatto may have found his match that afternoon in Flora Devivio

Work that evening was slow so Angelica and her superiors had a small scrabble tournament. Angelica received a promotion based on her vocabulary skills

The good news didn't last long that evening. When Tyrone arrived home that evening, the family experienced an unwelcome visitor

Tyrone went happily knowing he would see both his mother and Julio again soon

As a reputable lawyer, Tyrone's family received his hefty pension

The family enjoyed a somber breakfast together the next morning, still mourning the loss of Tyrone

Later, afer everyone had arrived home, it was time for Anise's transition into teenager-hood

Anise declared a fortune aspiration and decided that one day she would like to meet the people from whose race she had descended

Here's a picture after a change of clothes and a small makeover

Anise Eich
Fortune: Become a Space Pirate

On Friday, Darren, distracted by the loss of his father couldn't concentrate at work and made a bad decision

Despite the string of bad chance cards this week, Melody was still able to maximize her lifetime aspiration meter by the end of the week

On Saturday morning, Angelica applied for scholarships to Sim State

She then packed her bags and headed off to University

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Tyrone's platinum grave, 3 points for Melody maximizing her Lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 371,397

((That wraps it up for the first Eich household on the playlist. The entries from large households like this always feel disjointed to me because there is just so much going on. In a house this full, I can't say I'm too terribly upset about Tyrone, he was never one of my favorite CAS sims for some reason. With Tyrone gone, I did, however see something this week that I rarely see in large households:
Every single household member was at work or school at the same time. It was very relaxing! I'm not really sure what to make of Angelica, she is very wishy-washy about her love interests, she was rolling up wants to flirt and play with any teen male or female who she associated with this round, it was very bizzare. She is still in love with Marty Hoppes even though she has only one bolt for him and he has none for her. I don't think they will be paired up but we shall see. I'm glad Annatto found a 2-bolter in Flora Devivio, but it leaves me in a tough position because she is the only child of Pamela and Jack so that leaves their cottage with no heir. I suppose Jack can take another mistress when Pamela passes on, we'll have to see how he feels about that though. Other than matching the teens up, it was a rough week for chance cards. Roberto, the Servo did receive a chance card that put him TOC Intelligence though:

Since I'm not counting points for servos it isn't really relevant but it happened quickly! Ok, that's all the commentary I have on this house. Off to another biggie - the Devivio Homestead - next.))


jungfrun68 said...

A lot of things going on!
It will be fun to follow Angelica in Uni!

Mao said...

I hate it when sims put you in tough positions! Rosa Anderson and Fujin Yu get along really well... but they are both heirs to their respective houses. They have two bolts (and could possibly have more with some tweaking), sigh!

What a huge house! Everyone was sort of doing their own thing. I can imagine that Tyrone's passing wouldn't hit you too hard, I mean, you're busy trying to manage all these sims, LOL.

Liz said...

@J68: yeah Angelica will be interesting, you'll see why later in the round.

@Mao: Annatto and Flora (Fortune) will be able to have a very successful dog breeding business with Annatto's LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens, they will work out well together I hope, but no heir for the Devivio cottage then :( This house is pretty insane and always has been for the most part. I'd say Tyrone was my least favorite of my CAS adults his personality never really jumped out at me.

SK said...

Aw, I'm still sad to see Tyrone go, though I did like Julio better. You know, I've never seen the little bots in action before. My Stella has like a billion CleanBots/HydroBots/SentyBots/SnackBots in her backpack from when I had her skilling her ass off in college. Maybe I should whip some of them out. Now that they have more space in the new house, she has room for a robotics bench again, too, so maybe I'll get a servo yet in the neighborhood.

HEY, can servos breed? What happens if Roberto mates with a human sim? Will you have pretty silver human/robot hybrids? 'Cause that would be cool.