Saturday, July 18, 2009

Teer 1 (R8)

Last Round at the Teer household, Kelly and Clayton enjoyed having the house to themselves. They worked on their hobbies and managed to gain a lot of badges and plaques. Fearing that they were nearing the end of their lives, they tried to get closer to their kids and grandkids. Also, last round, Addison and his fiance Stella graduated from Sim State University and are back living in the family home this week. Lets see how Kelly and Clayton get along having kids back in the house and how Addie and Stella do starting their adult lives.

Teer 1 (Lot 2) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #8: Hands off for 1 Sim Day

Their first day back at the house, Addison and Stella took some time to settle in. The household had plenty of income so it wasn't necessary for either of them to start working quite yet.

Addison even cooked up a nice meal of grilled cheese (Clayton is secondary GC) that would be ready for the parents when they got home from work.

Despite a low amount of pressure, Addison wanted to still look for a career, he heard the newspaper was hiring horoscope writers so he decided to apply even though horoscopes weren't Addie's idea of real journalism.

Kelly and Clayton were very well established in their careers, they always were bringing home co-workers. On Monday Kelly brought home Serena, who had just started a job in education. Clayton brought home one of the force's new recruits, William Wade.

With her daughter, Serena, and Carla Devivio, both very qualified educators, working in the field, Kelly couldn't justify holding on to her position as Education Minister any more and made the retirement call.

**Start of hands-off play 8pm Monday-8pm Tuesday. This will be game play commentary**

That evening started off with a rousing 4 hour game of kickey bag in the front yard between the two elders and their work friends

The game ended when Kelly's bladder need got into the red... Sorry Kelly, you're going to have to find the bathroom on your own!

The next morning Stella also had a red bladder need, she wasn't as lucky to find the bathroom like Kelly did

With all the disorganization, Addison was at least able to make it to his first day as horoscope writer on time (though I'm not sure why he needs a camera around his neck to be a horoscope writer...)

There was much congratulating going on around the Teer home

A little Romance

And even some skilling

And the good part is that nobody died or got into too much trouble!

**end 1 day hands off**

The next afternoon, Addison and Stella invited over their friends and family for their nuptials

Addison had a pretty large extended family so the backyard was packed with guests

Sofia and Guy got into the romantic mood at the wedding

The other guests had a blast, especially Wesley and Jeannie, who were pillow-fighting through most of the ceremony and reception

The Teers treated their guests to a delicious buffet dinner

bride and groom with mother-to-the-groom, Kelly, and nephew-to-the-groom, Emmett Hoppes

Nephews-to-the-groom, Brad and Frank Devivio, and niece-to-the-groom, Magenta Devivio

To end the reception, Clayton made a toast to his soon and daughter-in-law

All the guests had a blast and the party was a roaring success

Even Maxx was able to enjoy the festivities by playing with a water-wiggler that Clayton purchased at Jack Copur's toy store

When Addie and Stella returned from their honeymoon, Stella was able to find a job in the Intelligence field

Unfortunately, Stella wouldn't be able to start work right away because the next day she found out they were expecting a baby!

Stella spent her maternity leave bonding with her in-laws in the art room

She also helped out tending Clayton's garden because his advanced age was making it more and more difficult to tend and harvest the crops

She even managed to earn a bronze gardening badge

Addison brought home his first promotion in the journalism field while Stella was resting. The raise and bonus would really help out with the baby expenses

Addie frequently played the piano for Stella during her pregnancy, he heard that classical music was proven to increase the intelligence of a child if played during the time they were in the womb. He spent so much time playing for the baby that the local music club awarded him with a plaque

During Addie and Stella's wedding, Wesley mentioned to Kelly that he and Jeannie might invest in a small art studio in Bluewater where they could sell their pottery and paintings. To help with their start-up costs, Kelly gave Wes a package of the pottery she had been able to produce

Soon it was time for Stella to give birth. She and Addie were sleeping when her water broke

By the time Addie had realized that Stella was in labor, the baby had already been born.

Very early Saturday morning, Harley-Quinn Teer was born bearing almost identical features to her mom.

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Addie's M&D Plaque, 1 point for Harley-Quinn)

Household Net-Worth: 167,608

((Well that wraps it up for the first Teer household on the playlist. I was super excited to play this house because I wanted a green baby so badly! The hands-off slip was really a challenge for me. I decided to play it on the second day so I could get them all settled in and prepare for not being able to micromanage for 24 sim hours. I'm just glad nobody got themselves killed even though there was a potty accident. I was pretty sure that Kelly and Clayton were going to go this round. Their age meters are pretty much maxed out, but it looks like they are going to stick around at least for the beginning of next round. Harley-Quinn is a play on words for Harlequin, the publisher of romance novels. I pre-roll aspirations, and, ironically, little H-Q here is jotted now next to Romance as an aspiration. I have plans for her which I will reveal next round ::evil grins:: Shannon also pointed out to me that Harley-Quinn is also the name of Director Kevin Smith's daughter... here I thought I was being clever sticking with my Publisher naming theme for this house. We're off to the very crowded Eich house next.))


Mao said...

Haha, I love the name! It'll definitely fit in with her pre-destined aspiration. ;)

Oh boy, hands off playing... that's a dangerous game with a house full of sims... LOL! Glad everyone made it through all right.

Yay for green babies!

jungfrun68 said...

Sims usually take good care of themselves, but do little useful things when left alone. (i e no skilling)

I often do "hands-off" periods with my sims. It leaves them some slack for ACR to kick in :)

Liz said...

@Mao: Thanks, I thought the name was cute too and it matches the unique-ness of her genetics. The hands-off is definitely hard, I don't know how people do ISBI challenges!

@J68: Clayton relaxed and watched the Yummy Channel almost all day. Granted he does have high culinary enthusiasm, so that helps. I'm not sure how I feel about ACR. I'm not in need of drama in my hood yet so I'll probably wait a while before using it.

SK said...

YAY FOR HARLEY-QUINN! I still give you credit for creativity because you didn't know about the name before I told you. It just goes to show great minds think alike, yeah?

Maaaaannnn, I want Mari and Stella to have green babies too!!! You're going to end up talking me into the jar challenge. Maybe with the asylum kiddies, I'll give them a day a round to control themselves. I've been thinking about playing those houses more lately. Maybe this weekend.