Sunday, July 26, 2009

Devivio 1 (R8)

Last round at the Devivio's Brad found a mate in Tessa Ramirez. The couple's 5th child, Columbia transitioned into a toddler and the twins transitioned into children. Janet left for Sim State mid-week. Later on, Columbia transitioned into a child and Sofia found out she was expecting another baby. At the end of the week, Guy reached the top of the Business career track and maximized his lifetime aspiration meter. The kids also got into private school. Will Guy and Sofia have twins this round? Lets find out!

Devivio 1 (Lot 4) Tuesday-Sunday
Jar Card #36: Sell Lemonade

Soon after I opened the lot, Sofia went into labor

Baby #6 - Eddie Devivio - is born

This family is pretty close, they usually tend to eat their meals together

After breakfast, Guy headed off to his first day of work as a Business Tycoon, he was surprised when a helicopter came to pick him up instead of a car

Unfortunately the daily helicopter rides wouldn't last long. Guy made a bad decision at work, and had to plead for a job back at his old company.

That evening it was time for the Twins to transition into teens

Frank spun first declaring a fortune aspiration

Then Magenta transitioned declaring a pleasure aspiration

Here are close-ups of the twins after makeovers

Frank Devivio
Fortune - Earn 100,000

Magenta Devivio
Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates (yeah that's not going to happen, sorry sweetie)

Frank is a fortune sim, so he had the want for Cherish to get a job, so she did

Cherish did pretty well her first day on the job, she got a chance card which resulted in a promotion

Cherish needed to learn a few new skills to get her next promotion. Later on in the evening, Guy taught her how to speak

After the birthday party, Sofia went out to tend the trees and earned Nature Hobby Plaque

After School the next day, Pleasure Sim Magenta called over the matchmaker to see if she could get started dream dating

Magenta's date turned out to be a professor from Sim State -- not so handy now, she was trying to meet guys her own age, not crotchety balding professors!

Needless to say, the date just turned out to be OK, Those nerdy academics weren't her type anyway.

There was a lot to do around the Devivio house. Columbia convinced her dad to buy her a lemonade stand so she could practice being a business tycoon as well

In the evening, it was time for Eddie's birthday

After blowing out the candles, Eddie made went right for the spoiled milk on the floor

Despite the blue tux, Eddie is a girl

Eddie Devivio

Guy and Sofia wasted no time teaching Eddie how to walk and talk

The teens were a very gregarious bunch and frequently brought friends home with them from school. They would hang out in the living room and watch TV most days

One lovely young lady, Shelby Zaidi, caught Franks eye, he was surprised when she agreed to coming over and hanging out after school

Of course Brad had no interest in any of the younger girls his brother and sister were bringing home, he only had eyes for Tessa and he couldn't wait until they went off to Sim State together

Brad's other love was gardening and if he wasn't with Tessa, he could be found in the greenhouse. He spent so much time out there that he was able to earn his gold gardening badge

Later in the week it was Columbia's turn to transition into a teen

Columbia aspired to be a pleasure seeker like her big sisters Janet and Magenta

Here is Columbia after a makeover

Columbia Devivio
Pleasure: Have 50 First dates

Despite having completely different styles, Magenta and Columbia were like two peas in a pod, they were inseparable most of the time

While the girls pursued their pleasure seeking, and Brad continued to spend much time with Tessa, Frank decided to get a start on making some money. He found a decent paying job in the adventure career. They even paid for all of his Spelunking equipment, which was a huge bonus.

On Saturday evening, another birthday was in order, Eddie was transitioning into a child

Eddie Devivio

Family and friends stayed late into the night and eventually the cops showed up to break up the party

The next morning, Brad applied for his scholarships

And then headed off to Sim State ready to start his future with Tessa

Scoring: 2.5 points (1 point for Eddie, 1 point for Sofia's nature plaque, .5 point for Brads gold gardening badge)

Household Net-Worth: 123,019

((Well that wraps it up for another insanely busy house. True story: I knew a girl in college whose name was Eddie so I figured it was OK to pass on in this house, especially since I was out of female names from RHPS. I really enjoy Magenta's makeover, I think it's fitting of her namesake. Too bad she'll have to change aspirations in college because I refuse to do the 50 dream dates LTW. In contrast, I'm really looking forward to the 50 first dates LTW because nobody says they have to be good dates ::evil grins:: so it could lead to some really amusing posts in the future. I really don't like that teens get adult dates now that I have InTeen installed does anyone know of a way to change it? Well something that makes me sad coming up next round:

My CAS teens are turning elder!!! Guy and Sofia had a few hits of elixir in their lifetime, so I'll have to give a little to my other sims to preserve the age gaps. Guy and Sofia were my only CAS teens, all the rest were children and toddlers. Allan, Darren, Carla and Amar will turn elder in Round 10 /sad! Well we're off to the Hoppes' household next.))


Mao said...

I don't think there is a way to fix the teens getting adults and YAs in the dating pool. It definitely sucks. :(

I love Magneta's hair--it's so wild!

jungfrun68 said...

Magenta's hair is perfect for her aspiration and for her name!
CAS teens getting elders - just wait until they start dying on you :( Just happened to me once so far, but it was horrible

reksims said...

I love Magenta's hair! And Columbia is really pretty.

And if anyone tells you a way to make the matchmaker give appropriate aged dates, I'd love to hear it!

And I think it's okay if there are some age gaps due to hits of elixir. Real people age at different rates too, really.