Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pushard (R8)

Well this took a while because of vacation and such, but here we begin round 8. As mentioned before, this round I will start drawing slips from Java Jan's Jar Challenge. Also, rounds will be played for 5 days instead of the 7 I have been doing. So lets get started

Last round at the Pushards, James transitioned into a child and Victoria into a teen (at the Hoppes' house we discovered that Emmett and Victoria are a 3 bolt match). Suzi and Simon had a litter of dessert named puppies: Cookie (who was adopted by Pamela Devivio and Jack Copur), Danish (who was adopted by the Eichs), Muffin, and Strudel. Allan reached the top of the Criminal Career track and Jaiden reached the top of the Athletic Career track thusly fulfilling their respective lifetime wants. Allan then took a position in Oceanography. The week ended with Jaiden declaring a secondary aspiration of Romance and the house being completely remodeled. Lets see how the family gets along this week.

Pushard (Lot 1) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card 143: Hide Fish and See if the Penguin can find them

In accordance with the Jar Card, the family started off the week with a trip to the Silvervale Arbortorium to do some fishing.

The family enjoyed themselves so much that they stayed late into the night. James was by far the most accomplished angler and caught a fish on almost every cast

Allan decided to cook up some of the fishes they caught before they left the park for the evening

The fish were left around their home lot to see if they could attract any rare animals.

Besides gaining interest in fishing, the Pushards continued to pursue other hobbies. James enjoyed jump-roping so much that he would be out on the porch at all hours of the day

Victoria also enjoyed fitness. She spent a lot of time in the office looking up new exercise regimens to keep in shape

Allan continued to spend a lot of time at the pottery wheel and earned a Silver Pottery Badge

Allan also continued to climb up the Oceanography ladder with a promotion

When he got home, Victoria convinced Allan to let her borrow the car so she and Emmett could go downtown

Victoria met Emmett at a gym downtown. She wanted to impress him so she hopped in the dance sphere

Emmett preferred to dance with his feet on the ground though

Victoria remembered James' birthday was that night, so they headed back to her place

The date ended on a high note (dream date)

Victoria wasn't the only Pushard getting some romance. Jaiden and Allan had managed to work through their conflicts. Their relationship was much stronger

That evening it was time for James' transition into teenager-hood

James waited patiently for all of his family to gather in the dining room then blew out the candles

Like his daddy, James wanted to make a lot of money and continue to build onto the Pushard estate

True to his fortune sim nature, James discussed globalization and how it affects business markets with his mother over the birthday cake.

James looked on the computer and found an internship as a receptionist at a local law firm. Surely the internship would give him a good foundation for his future career in law

The next day Allan reached the top of the oceanography career

Taking after his father, James did great at his internship, first receiving a bonus for referring a great case to the partners at the lawfirm

And then getting a promotion

Victoria enjoyed fishing so much at the park that she convinced Allan to dig a small pond into the backyard where she spent a lot of time, even earning her Bronze Fishing Badge

Jaiden decided to purchase a grocery store in order to make produce available to the neighborhood

Structurally the store was pretty good but it needed a little redecorating on the inside.

Jaiden installed some shelves for her home-grown fruits and vegetables and opened for business.
One of her first customers was Carla Devivio, Allan's little indiscretion... Jaiden had to force herself to be nice "for the good of the business"

Who knew organic produce would be so attractive to the residents of Silvervale. After the first day at her business, Jaiden had managed to earn her bronze sales badge

All the experience on the register also helped her to earn her Bronze Register Badge

Upon closing the store, pleased with her progress on the first day of business, Jaiden restocked the produce and headed home. When Jaiden got home, she learned that James was continuing to do well at his lawfirm internship

James had a very shrewd knack with people that would serve him well in his future. He was also helpful to boot. While Jaiden was at the market, James weeded and watered the crops earning his Bronze Gardening Badge

With the large volume of customers the store was getting, Jaiden thought it best to hire an employee. Her good friend Ivy Copur was already skilled in cash register and was more than happy to help out at the store

At Allan's insistence, the also installed a small bakery.

With his experience in the culinary industry, Allan baked up all kinds of tasty treats using fresh ingredients

Business at the market was booming, the store was packed at all times and it took all of their energy just to keep up with the customers.

Jaiden earned her Silver Sales Badge

And Allan even managed to earn his Bronze Sales badge in between stocking the sweet treats

By the end of the weekend, with their noses to the grindstone, Allan and Jaiden worked the business up to Rank 4

By the time they were getting ready to close for the weekend, Allan was so tired that he didn't notice his pastry's had been in the oven for quite as long as they had and they started on fire.

After the fire scare, they closed the shop and tended to the last (stinky) customers waiting to check out

Then they cleaned up the shop and headed home for the evening.

Scoring: 0 this round

Household Net-Worth: 159,157 + business value

((Well that's the first house of round 8. 5 day rounds are so much more manageable I think. With smaller houses like this 7 days was too boring but with packed houses like the Eich's and Devivio's 7 days makes me want to tear my hair out. I think this is a happy medium. The store is fun but it seems more busy than the other businesses I have for some reason. I downloaded a bunch of custom bakery food, so the bakery had to be added in order to test it out -- I might have one of my sims down the line open up a fancy cafe/bakery. The fish sat outside for the entire round and the penguin didn't show up so that jar card will stay active until it's completed. Oh the two puppies, Muffin and Strudel were given up for adoption because with 4 dogs they were becoming quite a handful. We're off to the Teer's next to see how Addison and Stella are settling into their adult lives.))


SK said...

Sigh, I really like Victoria and Emmett together. I didn't notice it in the picture you showed me, but James' chin IS rather prominent, haha. His chin and Diego's cheekbones. :p Hopefully they'll both grow into them?

Mao said...

There's a really nifty hack by Paladin that allows you to make crates of fish and veggies. I can't remember the link, but I think if you google it, you can find it. I had it awhile back, it worked pretty good for a farm I had in a hood I never blogged.

Glad the shorter rotation is working for you!

SK said...


I KNEW he reminded me of someone!!

Liz said...

@ Shannon: I really like them together too, but she's Romance so Emmett is very likely going to get his heart broken :( and OMG you're totally right about the James/Jay Leno comparison! I'm going to have to export him into body shop and try some gray hair on him!

@Mao: that mod sounds very cool. I hate how the veggies sit on the shelves (I mostly have the OFB shelves in general), it looks so stupid that they have so much space in between the items.

jungfrun68 said...

The store looks like great fun! It reminds me of my Birka businesses

Anonymous said...

OMG! James is totally Jay Leno! Good call, Shannon.