Thursday, August 20, 2009

University G1

Last Round in the Annya Var house Janet Devivio and her boyfriend Ricky Cormier pledged into the Greek house. Having the Greek house all to themselves led to many dream dates, one of which ended in an unexpected pregnancy. Halfway through their sophomore year, Janet gave birth to the couple's baby girl, Vinaya. Vinaya's birth made Ricky think twice about his life-goals and he changed from a romance orientation to a family orientation. He definitely did not want his daughter ending up with a scoundrel like he had been.

After the birth of Vinaya, life in the Annya Var house changed dramatically. Between studying and taking care of their toddler daughter, Janet and Ricky were too exhausted to enjoy much of the rest of college.

A lot of time was spent teaching Vinaya how to talk

And walk

Luckily with all the comings and goings in the house, there was usually someone there to let Vinaya out of her crib. The mascot seemed to take a particular liking to the toddler

While the llama was entertaining Vinaya, sometimes Janet and Ricky got to spend a little time together. They discussed Addison and Stella's wedding party one day over lunch

Ricky thought to himself how much he'd like to get married to Janet one day... maybe the lure of a large party would be enough to talk her into a wedding... after all, they did already have a child together

The free babysitters at the Greek house weren't enough to convince Janet and Ricky to stay there. Frequently a fight would break out among the various visitors to the house

Janet and, especially Ricky, didn't feel the Greek house was a conducive environment in which a child should grow up.

Janet's brother, Brad and his girlfriend, Tessa had recently come to campus and settled into a small house that Tessa's father, Checo had arranged for them to rent. Ricky thought that they might be more comfortable and enjoy their college time in the Greek house, so he invited Brad and Tessa over to pitch the idea to them

He got to know Brad while he and Janet were dating in high school so he pitched the idea to brad first
Brad thought it was a good idea, the house they were staying in was super cramped

Ricky approached Tessa next, she was a little hesitant at first but after hearing Ricky's reassurances that the Greek house was a relatively calm place to live, Tessa reluctantly agreed

Tessa even offered Ricky the house that she and Brad were staying in so that Ricky and Janet wouldn't have to go house hunting their last year at University.

The next day the two new pledges came over to play some poker while waiting for Janet to get out of class. They were there to celebrate Vinaya's birthday

When Janet arrived home from class she headed upstairs to get changed into her PJs and got Vinaya out of her crib to take her to the birthday cake in the kitchen

Vinaya transitioned into a beautiful young lady with her moms facial features and her fathers complexion

Vinaya Devivio - Libra

Vinaya was quite the coversationalist. She is extrememly outgoing, playful, and nice ((10 nice points!)) She took to her uncle Brad almost immediately

Vinaya was also studious, she had a very inquisitive outlook and didn't even mind doing her homework

Junior year ended quickly and it was time for the couples to swap houses. Janet and Vinaya headed over to Brad and Tessa's rental where Ricky would join them when he got through with his final exam

The family was much happier in the smaller, less hectic lodgings. And with Vinaya being older and more self-sufficient, Janet and Ricky got to have more alone time... though they were careful that their alone time didn't lead to a little brother or sister for Vinaya just yet.

Also, with their senior year winding down, they got to spend more time with Vinaya as well

Despite being out of the Greek house, the llama mascot still made frequent visits to see how Vinaya was doing

Senior year flew by and before they knew it, Janet and Ricky were taking their last final exams. They both graduated Summa Cum Laude in their respective majors.

Ricky went back to Silvervale first

Once Vinaya awoke, Janet called a cab back to her hometown as well

Scoring: 2 points (1 point each for Janet and Ricky graduating SCL)

# of mascot fights: 2

((well that wraps it up for Janet and Ricky's time at Sim State. I'll admit, I rushed them through with Pescado's college clock because of Vinaya. It's not very realistic that she would be a teen already if she was born in her parents second year of college -- she might be 3 or 4 days into childhood, which is much more realistic. We'll check in with Janet, Ricky and Vinaya later on in the round but next we're off to see how Brad and Tessa are doing in college))


jungfrun68 said...

It wouldn't have ended with her being a teen either - been there, done that!

I still think it's funny with the Rocky Horror naming theme of JAnet's family :)

Liz said...

J68 -- I took your experiences into account when Vinaya was born. I'm going to try not to use the College clock unless there is a baby in question but it will be tempting... Shannon inspired the RHPS naming theme actually, we were talking about how much we adored Tim Curry right around the time I was beginning my Prosperity (I think I was like 1 or 2 round through at that point). It's a fun naming convention :)

SK said...

Man, if you have at all the same experience with Vinaya that I have with Neal (my only 10 nice sim), you'll fall in love with her even more. It's so strange to see a 10nice sim...they really really are obviously so sweet and helpful! I love it. Much better than those offspring that get saddled with the one nice point, as seems to happen all the time. Can't wait to see these guys back in Silvervale. :)

Liz said...

SK -- yeah, she's really a wonderful child, and very pretty. I'm happy about the oops baby! Unfortunately Janet and Ricky dropped down to one bolt when he switched to family... makes me a little sad!

SK said...

Oh boo. Too bad you aren't still manipulating their attraction thingies. That happened to me when Tara changed into a knowledge sim, but when I reprogrammed her, I just reset her turn-ons to things that fit Aki, and that took care of it. Definitely a little cheating, but I'm not quite ready to give up the little rewards of aspirations and career rewards yet. Maybe once I get a few rounds in and want to make the game more difficult. :)

M.McMillan said...

I heard that if you have a baby in uni because of risky woohoo you can't get them out of the college. I see that I was wrong or is this another program.