Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad News (?)

My computer has been acting weird for the last couple months. One of the fans was super loud but after I cleaned it it seemed to be OK for a while, but I noticed last week when I was playing that the graphics on WoW were blinking when i was near water... Well, yesterday I turned the computer on and everything seemed to boot up fine (all the normal noises, etc) but I got no signal to the monitor. I went through the routine check that everything was plugged in properly and popped open the case to make sure everything was running. The computer was built for me by a friend and is nearly 4 years old, but still runs things well enough for my purposes. I'm thinking (and hoping) that it's just the gfx card or the power source, both of which would be fairly inexpensive to replace. Boyfriend and I are going to try some troubleshooting this weekend and hopefully it's just a matter of replacing one of those two components. Anyway, gaming is on hiatus for a little while until I get everything worked out... Now I don't have any excuse to put off that spring cleaning I've been meaning to do :p

I do have the pictures for the Wade's and University edited and uploaded, so I'll probably get to knocking out those two entries sometime soon, I'll probably start one today in fact :)

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Anonymous said...

Urgh, computers going iffy is never a bad thing :( My old graphics card used to freeze my system on rare occasions.

Hope it's a quick, easy, and cheap fix for you.