Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Devivio 5 (R10)

Last time Brad and Tessa set up house in a nice home (with the help of Checko's money). Tessa and Carmen bonded over the piano with Tessa playing and Carmen dancing along. Carmen grew into a very active child. Tessa then got pregnant and gave birth to twins, Xavier and Nina. Brad found a job his desired career (education) and at the end of the round Tessa round out she was pregnant again. Lets see how the family does with their pending expansion this round.

Devivio 5 (lot 13) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Brad Devivio holding Nina Ramirez, Tessa Ramirez,
Xavier Ramirez, Carmen Ramirez
Jar Card 201: Counterfeit cash until you get busted

Being home-maker suited Tessa. Since neither of her parents were home much when she was small, she delighted in spending as much time as possible with her family. Tessa loved the small things like making breakfast and spending the mornings with Carmen and Brad before they went off to school and work.

It also allowed her to help Nina and Xavier their skills

Unfortunately it also meant that she was home alone when she went into labor

Not surprisingly, Tessa gave birth to another set of twins, two boys named Oscar and Gabriel. Oscar had pale skin, Black hair, and brown eyes

Gabriel had his mothers tan complexion, black hair, and brown eyes

Tessa definitely had her hands full with two toddlers and two infants. Luckily Gabriel and Oscar weren't temperamental and were happy to fall asleep under their baby mobile

Nina and Xavier wouldn't be toddlers for much longer either. That evening it was time for their transition into childhood. Tessa was happy that they would be off to school soon. Tessa took Xavier to his cake first

He grew up into a handsome young man who closely resembled his sister Carmen

((no close up of Xavier, sorry!))

Next up was Nina

She grew up into a lovely young lady and inherited her mother's exotic eyes

Nina Ramirez

Nina loved dancing to Carmen's piano playing as much as Carmen loved dancing to Tessa's piano playing. The whole family seemed to be drawn to music

When the kids were at school and the infants were sleeping, Tessa was able to catch up with friends. She frequently had friends over for lunch in the afternoon

Tessa's contacts with people in town helped Brad to continue to be promoted. He was rising up the ranks closer to his dream job of Education Minister

After Brad got home from work, it was time for another birthday, this time Carmen was transitioning into a teen. The family gathered in the living room to watch Carmen blow out her candles

She grew into a beautiful young lady with a good mix of her parents features

Carmen had such a zeal for life even as a child that it was no surprise when she declared a Pleasure aspiration

Carmen Ramirez
Pleasure (LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef)

Brad and Tessa had everything they ever hoped for as a family. Unfortunately they got started so early that things that generally preceded children took a backseat... namely an engagement and marriage. Brad thought it was time to change that. With the whole family around, he finally proposed to Tessa

Not wanting to waste any more time, they got married in the snowy back yard that very evening with only the children in attendance

The engagement and following wedding allowed Brad enough lifetime aspiration points to fill up his meter

Later that evening, after Tessa and the kids had gone to bed, Brad went outside to peek through the telescope, one of his fellow teachers told him there were some strange things going on in the sky that he just had to see

Brad wasn't sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him or if he really saw what he thought he saw

He was frightened when he looked up and saw a flying saucer hovering above their house

Luckily the aliens dropped him off early in the morning before Tessa and the kids were awake. He couldn't bear the embarrassment if they knew what happened to him

Brad was so upset over what the aliens had done to him that he spent the whole day depressed

Brad even had to call out of work, he couldn't face his coworkers right away after what had happened to him

The plus side of staying home that day was that Brad was around to help with the twins with their birthday.

Tessa helped Gabriel with his transition

Gabriel was a cute little guy with mixture of his parents features

Gabriel Ramirez - Aries

Brad took care of Oscar's transition

Oscar also transitioned into a cute little guy, more closely resembling Tessa and his sister, Nina

Oscar Ramirez - Aries

Despite being cute, both boys had quite a mean streak. Tessa and Brad had to keep them separated most of the time so they didn't fight

Scoring: 5 points (1 point each for Gabriel and Oscar, 3 points for Brad filling his LTA meter)

Household Net-Worth: I neglected to jot this down again!

((I'm starting to get really exhausted with households with a million kids... At least it was easier than the Wade's because Tessa is home all day. Despite being crazy, both Nina and Xavier learned all their toddler skills. I totally didn't want Brad to get abducted!!! He went out to the telescope autonomously and IMMEDIATELY got abducted, like seriously it happened a split second after he started gazing. Since there will be an alien baby next round, it was pointless to try and get Tessa pregnant again... the game wouldn't let me even if I tried since there are 7 sims in the house + brad being pregnant. Anyway, I'm counting the alien baby toward Brad and Tessa's IW since Tessa will be helping raise said alien spawn. As far as the jar card, I plan to get Tessa a job in criminal to earn the counterfeiting machine at some point, or I'll have Carmen swipe one from the Secret Society... whichever comes first. Anyway... we're off to visit with Emmett and Victoria next))


Eien Herrison said...

Oh dear, alien baby incoming! I know what you mean about getting fed up with households with tons of kids; I'm considering stopping every household at six children no matter what their wants say.

The counterfitting machine isn't a career reward (Criminals get a Lie Detector), it's a lifetime points reward, it costs 27,750 points (between the Love Tub and the Elixir of Life).

Rachel said...

Wow, busy house. Those eyes are gorgeous on Nina, but a little funny looking on Oscar.

SK said...

Hahahaha, I know this house is insane, but it's totally entertaining to read about! (Ends sentence with preposition. Bleh. I don't care, it's Sunday morning, and I don't want to be grammatically correct.) I can't WAIT to see how Oscar looks when he grows up because I think he is going to be some kind of handsome latin lover type! I also think it's totally legit to count the incoming alien spawn toward Tessa's LTW.

Also, love the shots of the toddlers fighting! That has yet to happen in my game. :)