Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hoppes (R12)

Last time at the Hoppes household, with both Lorraine and Sierra working non-stop, Sierra's salon reached level 10. Sierra celebrated by buying Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. The twins grew up into adorable, but mean, toddlers... then into children later in the round. Lorraine received the Corner Store, a robotics shop, for her graduation present, then headed off to university. Sierra ended the round pregnant.

Hoppes (lot 5) Sunday-Friday
Pictured (clockwise from top left): Serena [Teer] Hoppes, Sierra [Seiff] Hoppes, Marty Hoppes, Amar Hoppes, Jennifer Hoppes, Biff Hoppes

Marty was really doing great at the architecture firm, he was just the kind of forward thinker that the firm was looking for, and they rewarded him handsomely for thinking outside the box

Unfortunately for Marty, it seemed that between having two children and a pregnant wife at home, he was working too hard at the job... sometimes he was very low on sleep ((whoops, he had already gone to work when I opened the lot >.<))

He wouldn't have to deal with a pregnant wife for very much longer though...

Sierra gave birth to their third (and hopefully final) child, a little girl named Clara

Now that the baby was born, Sierra could get back to work at her new business. Here's a slideshow of my Lucky Shack Cards and Drink makeover :)

She hired a good friend, Melissa Fancey to work the bar

Melissa cleans up pretty nicely I must say

The business was really off to a good start, the tables were always full of guests

And the karaoke machine was a big hit

Even Mrs. Crumplebottom seemed to approve

Things were also going really well at home. The twins brought home A+ report cards

Marty is thinking, "if I ignore him, maybe he'll go away." I guess we can all see that Jennifer is the favorite here

Jennifer was already becoming very popular with the kids here age. Her younger cousin, Veronica, really looked up to her

She was definitely turning into the "mean girl" of the neighborhood though

Biff enjoyed playing with the dog more than hanging out with his sister and her friends

The twins even enjoyed quality time with their grandparents

Soon it was time for Clara's birthday, Sierra made sure she was home for the birthday party

Clara transitioned into a gorgeous toddler ((actually she's a clone of Jennifer... double Hoppes Mean girls should be fun to play))

Clara Hoppes
Gemini: 5/8/9/3/1

Scoring: 1 point for Clara

((This household always takes up a lot of time because of the businesses. The venue really is easy to play though and builds stars on its own. I had a lot of fun making over the lot -- I actually had Sierra sell the lot back then repurchase it, so I didn't have to load up the household, then load the lot in order to renovate it. Jennifer cracks me up, she's so social but sooooo mean. When she and Dulci were interacting, Dulci didn't get the hint and kept trying to tell her jokes, etc, but Jennifer would keep blowing her off. It was amusing. One out-take for you:

Amar... that's not really an appropriate outfit for carrying your toddler granddaughter around in...

This is the furthest I've played, I've been working on my Secret Santa gift for the past couple weeks and haven't had much of a chance to play. But gift delivery is next week, so I'll be back to playing after that.))


jungfrun68 said...

More blond babies - yay! Too bad they're so mean. But on the other hand that's more fun >:)

Liz said...

The Hoppes kids are definitely lookers, and I'm glad they got Amar's recessive blonde hair! All my sims are pretty mean... I think 90% of them have less than 5 nice points, lol. Vinaya and Anise are the only two sims I can think of off hand that are "nice."