Thursday, July 15, 2010

University I2

**Real life has pretty much sucked the last couple weeks. I'm completely played through Round 10 so hopefully I get the posts knocked out in the next week or so. Sorry for the delay in updates lately!

Last Round at the Annya Var House, Tessa dropped out because she was pregnant. Marty and Emmett Hoppes along with Marty's girlfriend, Sierra pledged and moved into the Greek house. New freshmen, Frank, Magenta and Victoria also joined the Greek House crew. Frank fell head over heels for a lovely blonde named Whitney Alioto who will remain unplayable until Frank moves home. Classes were attended, Secret Societies visited, Hobby plaques earned... the normal college stuff. At the end of the round, Brad, Marty, Emmett and Sierra all graduated Summa Cum Laude. Magenta also changed her aspiration from Pleasure (LTW: 50 Dream Dates) to Family (LTW: Marry off 6 Kids). This round we have new Freshmen: James Hurt and Columbia Devivio, lets see how things went.

University Round 10 Part 2: Annya Var House
Pictured (from left): Columbia Devivio, Magenta Devivio, Victoria Hurt, James Hurt, Frank Devivio

Somehow, despite their best efforts, James and Columbia ended up in the Sim State dorms when they arrived at college, it seemed that their older siblings were intent on putting them through the hazing process of getting accepted into the Greek House.

Of course, it was nothing but a front, both James and Columbia were instantly accepted and move their still-packed-belongings across campus to the Annya Var house

James Hurt-Pushard -- Virgo
Fortune (LTW: Become the Law)

Columbia Devivio -- Scorpio
Pleasure (LTW: Have 50 First Dates)

Columbia made friends with James' sister quickly, it turned out they had very similar interests

After settling into life at the Greek House Columbia and James decided on their majors. Columbia chose Philosophy thinking that it might help her impress potential dates

Surprisingly, James chose a history major over economics or business. History, he thought, would be important to know if he wanted to be a high powered attorney

James and Columbia weren't the only Silvervale students getting inducted to the Greek House that weekend, Frank made sure to invite over his niece, Vinaya and her boyfriend Kennedy and get them inducted even if they didn't plan on moving in right away

Vinaya and Kennedy ended up spending so much time at the Annya Var house anyway, that they were quickly considered members

Despite being a college student, Columbia had more important things on her mind: After classes were over she would call the matchmaker for a round of speed dating

Date #11: Alon Knight

Date #12: Amar Hamilton (the sports guy, not the cow)

Date #13: Richard Beckett (who I don't have a picture of for some reason)

Date #14: Robi Charvat

Date #15: Stephan Benson

In the middle of Columbia's date with Stephan a limo pulled up. Columbia was surprised when a man with a receding hairline ordered her into the limo

She laughed when the limo pulled up to an elaborate mansion and the students inside informed her that she had been inducted into the prestigious Landgrabbe Society

Even though it was late when she got home, Stephen was still at the Greek House waiting to finish up their date

Columbia wasn't the only Greek House resisdent to be getting attention from the opposite sex. Frank saw Whitney regularly. They definitely made up for lost time of not being able to live together yet

Emmett also stopped by the Greek House to see Victoria on a pretty regular basis

Emmett's feelings for Victoria grew stronger every time he saw her, he couldn't wait until she graduated and they could spend the rest of their lives together

Victoria, on the other hand, was quite content to keep doing just exactly what they had been doing

Columbia continued her speed dating while the other residents were busy doing what they were doing. Somewhat to her chagrin, the gypsy called up her Uncle Connor for a date ((Carla and Connor aren't actually married... and to make matters worse, Connor is the ONLY date so far this round that Columbia has had any chemistry with -- 2 bolts))

Date #16: Connor Johnston

Date #17: Joel McGaw

Date #18: Ethan Barrett

Date #19: Roger Todd

Date #20: Makoto Traver

The house seemed to be consumed by romance, and eventually James and Magenta were sucked in... ((about time because this is now the beginning of Magenta's Senior year and neither she nor James had rolled any wants for either other or interacted autonomously at all and I was getting worried))

The cow mascot thought she would play a trick on the lovebirds and attempt to flirt with Magenta

Before she knew it, James flew off the handle, he was furious that Magenta would accept a complement from another person during their date

Magenta tried to explain and apologize, but James was so angry with her he didn't even want to hear what she had to say

With James angry at her, Magenta had a lot of time to spend doing other things to avoid him. She played a lot of poker and managed to earn a Games Hobby plaque

When James was at the poker table or in the game room, Magenta spent time exercising. She spent so much time on the exercise bike that she managed to earn a Fitness Hobby plaque as well. Unfortunately, Magenta was so tired from working out that she was in bed when the Sports representative came to present her with the plaque

Cram time was upon the Seniors in the house. Magenta just couldn't study properly with her fight with James on her mind. She asked Frank what she should do while they were having a study session one evening. He was sure that James would come to his senses.

After finals all the Greek House residents decided to hit Club P.U.R.E. to celebrate the Senior's pending graduation

Columbia, being the reside Pleasure seeker, was the only one in the bunch brave enough for the dance sphere

While sitting at the bar, James finally approached Magenta it was the first time in over a semester he had even spoken to her

He asked her into the other room where it was a little more quiet so they could talk

James apologized for being so pig headed, he knew the cow was an asshole and he shouldn't have let it get to him. After a nice chat, and some cuddling, Magenta and James officially made up

There was something else on James' mind though, he had brought a small package with him to the club. James led Magenta into the dance room and asked the DJ to turn off the music while he got down on one knee

Happily, Magenta accepted his proposal

The next day at the Senior's graduation party, Frank followed James' lead. He made sure to invite Whitney over to the Greek House for the party

She was shocked when he kneeled and opened a black velvet box

It was no surprise that the party turned out to be a lot of fun for all the graduates and guests

The graduates all called the taxi to head back to Silvervale

Victoria Hurt -- SCL in Psychology

Magenta Devivio -- SCL in Political Science

Frank Devivio -- SCL in Economics

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Magenta's Games Plaque, 1 point for Magenta's Fitness plaque, 1 point each for SCL graduates)

((Well that wraps up the second of three University posts for this round. Sorry it was kinda boring, I noticed when I was editing that the pictures I took seemed to all be of Columbia's dates, heh. I've been convinced to give ACR a try, so that will be getting installed starting next round -- though I've been giving it a test run. I was pretty sure that James got inducted into the Secret Society too but I guess I neglected to take pictures of it, I will check next round. Nothing much else to report. Victoria will move in with Emmett and we'll check in on them in a few households. Frank and Magenta will move back to Devivio [1] so we'll see them next round. Frank will also be asking Whitney to move in with him. Magenta will join James at Pushard [1] when he moves back in Round 12. We're heading back to the hood to see Brad, Tessa and family next so stay tuned!))


jungfrun68 said...

My sims hardly ever get induced in the secret society. I guess they don't know the right people.

Magenta changing from 50 dates to 6 kids- which is worse?! (I guess the dates though, since I never completed it :))

SK said...

Hahaha, nice hair, Frank. Man, poor Magenta! I hate that stupid cow!

I can't wait to see how ACR affects your kidlets and who gets it on a ton more than they used to after you install it. Also can't wait to see Victoria back in the 'hood...and her eventual babies!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to ACR! -Rachel

Eien Herrison said...

Urgh, the cow mascot screwing everything up again (I'm surprised that the cow mascot in my game hasn't tried flirting).

Glad to see more sims graduating and returning to the main 'hood, and like others I'm looking forward to seeing how ACR affects Silvervale.

Hope real life has eased up/eases up for you soon