Monday, December 14, 2009

Teer 1 (R9)

Last time at the Teer's Addison moved back bringing with him his fiance, Stella. After having 1 day of hands-off play, Addie and Stella got married with the Devivio and Hoppes clans in attendance. After the wedding, Stella found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a green-skinned baby girl that they named Harley-Quinn. Miraculously Kelly and Clayton remained alive to see another round. Will Harley-Quinn grow up well? Are there more little green babies in Addie and Stella's future? How much longer until Kelly and Clayton pass on to the great sim beyond?

Teer 1 (Lot 2) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (left to right): Kelly Teer, Stella Teer, Addison Teer holding Harley-Quinn Teer, Clayton Teer
Jar Card 4: Have sims make out in front of kids

Clayton, ever the popularity sim, was always getting phone calls

Unfortunately, this was a call he wasn't able to take. A few minutes earlier, Grimm had showed up to escort Clayton to the great sim beyond

Clayton went contentedly, he had a great life filled with a large family and circle of friends

Those friends and family received large sums from Clayton's life insurance policy

The family was devastated, especially Addison

There were plenty of distractions around the Teer household, especially since it was Harley-Quinn's Birthday

The Teer's found many other things to keep their minds off Clayton's passing. Addison resumed his nightly star-gazing, similar to what he did as a teen

One Night he saw something unexpected

Before Addison could decide if his eyes were deceiving him, he was wisked into a UFO and taken for a bit of a joy ride

Stella absorbed herself in teaching Harley-Quinn the skills she would need to transition into a child

Since Addie was off galavanting in a UFO, Kelly also pitched in with helping Harley-Quinn learn her skills

Missing Clayton, Kelly poured the rest of her days into helping to care for her grand-daughter. If Harley-Quinn were awake, Kelly would be reading to her or playing with her. Kelly also spent a lot of time in Harley-Quinn's room, just watching over her

In the wee hours of the morning, Addison was dropped back off, quite literally at the front door

despite having a bit of a rough night, Addison felt OK to go to work. Going into work appeared to be the right decision because he came home with a promotion

When Harley-Quinn was napping, Stella had time to work in the garden. She had gotten so good at gardening that she was awarded her Gold gardening badge

The next morning Addison got anther surprise as a result from his abduction. He thought it might just be some side effects from the space travel, but soon he was exhibiting the tell-tale signs of pregnancy

The pregnancy really made Addie crave cheesecake... it was the weirdest thing... ((does cheesecake work for Alien Abduction pregnancies???))

Unfortunately, tragedy struck twice that day. The family lost their beloved Collie, Maxx just before noon

Then later in the evening, Grimm came back to take Kelly to be reunited with Clayton

Like her husband, Kelly had a great life full of knowledgeable pursuits and a large family so she contentedly went to join her husband in the great sim beyond

Kelly also left behind a hefty insurance policy

The young family was very sad losing both heads of household in the same week. But life must go on and it was time for Harley-Quinn to grow into a child.

Harley-Quinn grew up into a very outgoing and playful child.

Harley-Quinn Teer - Sagittarius

Harley-Quinn was pretty demanding on her parent's time, always wanting to play and be entertained by them. She got very grossed out when she caught them making out in the dining room one morning before she went off to school

When her parent's needed alone time, Harley-Quinn usually busied herself with the video game console in the living room

Scoring 2.5 points (1 point for Clayton's platinum grave, 1 point for Kelly's platinum grave, .5 point for Stella's Gold gardening badge)

Household Net-Worth: 218,347

((Kelly and Clayton were my first CAS adults to kick the bucket, it was sad! I'll probably be really upset when the CAS kids start to go, luckily I have a few rounds before that happens hopefully! Other than the deaths and abduction the round was rather uneventful. Stella had a lot of days off so they just spent time skilling and making friends. I want Stella to get pregnant again but InTeen didn't come through for me!!! No lack of trying though, they woohooed lots this round but to no avail. At least there will be green babies from Addison. I downloaded a multi-pollination tech hack [no CC version] to get a little genetic diversity with my alien babies, and hopefully prettier aliens. Harley-Quinn will be a Romance sim, so I'm going to try and accomplish ASimWen's String Me challenge with her. In accordance with the rules Harley-Quinn will not do any skilling from this point on, but more on that later when she ages. We're going to check up on the Eich's next!))


SK said...

Nooooooooo Clayton and Kelly!!! :'( Gosh, it seems like they've been around forever, and it's so sad to see them go. That's the only thing that's really drastically new for me in playing prosperity style: in the bast, I've never been able to bear letting my simmies die! At least they left the world happy and platinum, and left their kids and grandchild pretty well off in terms of inheritance. Can't wait to see how Addie's new baby comes out with your new hack!

jungfrun68 said...

Yes, cheesecake works for alien pregnancies, so brace yourself for twins!

Mao said...

LOL! Oh no, if that cheese cake works, they're going to be in trouble. No elders to help them out with the babies. At least HQ is a child now. She's cute, too!

reksims said...

HQ is very cute! And very sad about Clayton and Kelly, but I guess it was their time.