Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pushard (R9)

Here we go, the beginning of Round 9! When last we visited the Pushard House, the family pursued lots of hobbies, Victoria continued to date Emmett Hoppes and Allan and Jaiden rekindled their attraction for one another. James transitioned into a teen highly resembling Jay Leno and declaring a Fortune aspiration. As a surprise for James, Jaiden purchased a family business, Here or Else grocery that she hoped to pass along to him when he graduated from college. How will Victoria get along now that Emmett is in college? Will James continue to be successful on his fortune sim path?

Pushard (Lot 1) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (left to right):
Victoria Hurt, Allan Pushard, Jaiden Hurt, James Hurt
Jar Card 143 (Open from R8): Hide Fish and See if the Penguin can find them
Jar Card 244: Hire a sim and work them until they quit

Since it was Saturday and she had the day off, Jaiden decided to invite 20 of her closest friends over for a little Saturday afternoon brunch

Her friends were a pretty diverse bunch but they all managed to get along well

Everyone got along so well in fact that the party turned out to be a good time for everyone.

The party put Jaiden in a wonderful mood and she was able to maximize her lifetime aspiration meter

While his mom was entertaining her guests, James kept up with the garden. Jaiden made it pretty clear that he would have to know a lot about produce to successfully run the store when he inherited it. Despite earning a Silver gardening badge, James still had a lot to learn.

While James was out working in the greenhouses he saw a very strange sight...

Since most of the vegetables were ripening, Jaiden helped James with the harvest after her party concluded

The other residents of the house also kept busy that Saturday afternoon. Victoria, missing Emmett and doubting that he was 100% behaving himself at uni, called up a friend of hers, Keith, for a date

And Allan, not really feeling in the social mood, holed himself up in the rec room at the pottery wheel. He had gotten so good that he earned his Gold pottery badge

Later that night, Keith brought by a nice thank you gift for the wonderful time he and Victoria had

The next day, after returning from work, James gussied up a bit and headed downtown to spend some of the money that was burning a hole in his pocket

Downtown he ran into someone that got his attention and made his heart flutter. Despite sweating profusely, James was able to keep his cool around Magenta.

James had seen Magenta Devivio around school but she was Victoria's age and he was pretty sure that he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever being more than friends with her. Imagine his surprise when she called the next morning before school...

On Monday, Jaiden headed to Bluewater to open up the grocery. Business was booming and the profits warranted hiring another employee, a young lady named Vanessa Chen

Vanessa didn't really do too well on the cash register, so Jaiden decided that she might do better selling products to customers

Jaiden was also working the crowd and managed to earn her Gold sales badge

Despite being a good employee at the beginning of the day, Vanessa started to take unscheduled breaks

Jaiden tried to talk to Vanessa before she left for the evening, but she didn't seem to be getting through to her

The next day, Vanessa refused to come to work at all

James continued to maintain top grades, a good after school job, and even manged to continue helping Jaiden in the garden. He was learning a lot about the different crops and was rewarded with his Gold gardening badge

By the end of the week, it was time for Victoria to head off to Sim State to join her boyfriend, Emmett. She had already applied for scholarships

All that was left to do was hop the taxi and head off to enjoy college life

Scoring: 4.5 (3 points for Jaiden maxxed LT aspiration meter, .5 point Allan's Gold pottery badge, .5 point for Jaiden's Gold Sales Badge, .5 point for James' Gold gardening badge)

Household Net-Worth: 179,488

((This was a pretty uneventful play session in this house. The teens just socialized and worked on hobbies and skilling, Allan didn't do much of anything, and Jaiden worked at the shop. James is super-man, he goes to school, goes to his job, works in the garden and on his skills and still has time for the ladies! I totally didn't expect him to have an attraction for Magenta Devivio but I think it could work out. Magenta is older than James and will be headed to Uni this round so we'll see how things go. Hopefully Victoria heading to college will keep both her and Emmett satiated but with a romance/pleasure pairing I highly doubt it. As far as the jar card, Vanessa didn't quit despite her little orb being deep red, she did, however, take lots and lots of breaks so it was kinda useless to keep her around. Hopefully she'll quit next round ::grins:: P.S. the new profile pages that I shamelessly ripped off of J68's Mattsmyra are up and running for the most part, each link is listed under the bottom of the family portrait. I have the first couple families done -- by family name not lot -- the rest will be added as I get to their lots so they will be complete by the end of Round 9. Let me know what you think! We're off to check with the Teer's and their little green baby next!))


Mao said...

I love the profiles! I wish I had the patience/time to maintain a good database, I've tried several times, but I have way too many blogs to keep up with it, LOL!

James is like super-teen, sheesh. I need more of him in my game, my teens are all slackers...

LOL at the penguin. I have B&E penguins all the time, they bust into houses at all hours to try and get the fish off the walls!

Glad to see you're back!

SK said...

Yaaaay, little green babies! I am SO HAPPY to see that your penguin jar card finally came to fruition! I kind of want to try this on one of my lots now just for the entertainment value, and not because of any game requirement. With all the fishing Inari and Sal do, maybe I should try with them. I wonder if Dakota and the penguin will socialize...

I think James and Magenta would be a really interesting couple, if they make it through uni. I have to admit, with the new way I'm trying to play uni (more autonomy for the YAs), it's really likely to change up my pre-planned romantic pairings!

jungfrun68 said...

Yikes for useless employees, even if that was the plan this time. At least she should have had the sense to quit! :)
(Thanks for ripping my idea - they said plagiating is the most genuine form of credit :))

Anonymous said...

That Vanessa's gonna make you fire her! She is persistent.