Tuesday, November 10, 2009

University G4

Here we are for our final University Lot and the official end of Round 8. This entry we'll check on Emmett and Marty Hoppes and how they are doing at university.

Emmett and Marty got settled into their rental but they ended up spending a lot of time across the street at the rental of Angelica, Flora and Seirra. When things started to go south with Angelica and Sierra, the boys started to spend more time at their own place

Here are the boys after their college transitions

Emmett Hoppes - Scorpio
Pleasure (LTW: Become a Game Designer)

Marty Hoppes - Gemini
Family (LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College)

Soon after getting settled, the twins declared their majors. Emmett chose a Physics major because that's what his mom had done and she had achieved her want of being a Game Designer

Marty, not having a career goal chose to study something he enjoyed, Philsophy

Marty and Emmett spent a lot of time at the student center meeting their peers. They quickly made friends with lots of people on campus

Emmett, not content to sit around and wait for Victoria to get to college, decided that there was no harm in going on a few dates with the lovely college ladies prowling around campus

Emmett was perplexed when a limo showed up one night at the rental

the driver handcuffed and blindfolded him and stuffed him in the back of the limo. Needless to say, Emmett was a little frightened

Emmett was happy to learn that it was just an elaborate initiation ritual to the campus Secret Society and laughed when he saw his friends there

They made him promise not to ruin the surprise for Marty... So the next night when the limo showed up, Emmett tried to show genuine concern for his brother's abduction

For the brothers getting inducted into the Secret Society was a treat. They had learned that their dad had also been a member when he attended Sim State.

Marty continued to see Sierra regularly, it was a lot more convenient for her to come over to his rental than for her to invite him over and be victim to Angelica's evil stares. Another benefit to visiting Marty at his place was the double bed

Emmett, being supremely jealous of Marty having his girlfriend at college with him, called the matchmaker to spend some of his scholarship dollars on trying to meet more eligible ladies. He didn't want word to spread around the Secret Society that he was a womanizer, he was far from it

Despite his best efforts, the matchmaker summoned a teen for him to date! He quickly ended the date and hoped that Elizabeth wouldn't tell Victoria about the incident in school the next day.

Life went on as usual, the twins mostly went to class, hung out with friends, and played games. Life was hard for two bachelors though since they actually had to fend for themselves. Marty eventually got so good at cooking though that he earned a recognition plaque from the local Culinary club

Scoring: 1 point for Marty's Cuisine Hobby Plaque

((Round 8 is officially done! I'm torn about breaking university into so many households. On the plus side, it's a lot more manageable with only a few sims in each house. On the other hand, cramming 6-8 sims in a house makes for less time actually spent playing univerisity and pushing them through faster. I might try another household of 6 sims next round again. This round was a pretty straightforward round. The guys did their own thing. Admittedly, I have started killing off Fug townies. You may have noticed the Cow Plant at the Secret Society in the background of Emmett's induction pic. Well here's a close-up of the cow plant's midnight snack:

We'll start Round 9 with a visit to the Pushard house))


SK said...

Fuglicide. Terrible. ;)

Liz said...

@SK: would you allow THAT to breed into your hood? I think not... I dont' know what Maxis was thinking when they created some of the default face templates but I'm so glad that I replaced them...

reksims said...

Fuglicide! That's a great word, Shannon. I'm going ot try to incorporate it into my every day life.

Mao said...

LOL! I will, um, admit to be guilty of offing ugly townies with the Insim > Suicide option. WHICH IS TERRIBLE, I know... but come on. COME ON.

Poor Emmett. I don't think getting arrested for Statutory Rape was his idea of a suitable date. lol