Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wade (R8)

Last round at the Wade's Brittany and William got married in a beautiful moon-lit ceremony with many of their college friends in attendance. They both got started in Career fields and began working up their respective career ladders. Brittany came back from the honeymoon pregnant and gave birth to their son, Byron, later in the round. The couple's home also got robbed after their honeymoon. The burglar managed to make off with the TV and the Stereo before the police apprehended him. Will these family sims manage to have more kids this round? Lets find out!

Wade (Lot 11) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #104: Become a Warewolf

Brittany and William had it all, they were both successful in their careers. William continued to get promotions

And Brittany made a smart, honest decision and got a nice bonus

Both parents also relished the little bundle of joy that had come into their lives

They both took turns teaching him the life skills he would need. After dinner William would help Byron learn how to walk

Then Brittany would take him upstairs and before bed help him learn how to talk

Now that they had the financial means and Byron was becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day, they decided to try to have a brother or sister for Byron

It didn't hurt that the couple had also found a fantastic nanny to help care for Byron during the day while they were at work

That evening, before they turned in for the night, Brittany found out that their attempts to get pregnant had worked

Time flew by and soon it was time for Byron's birthday. Brittany waited until William returned from work to take Byron to his birthday cake

Bryon Grew up into a handsome, freckle-faced kid

Byron Wade - Gemini

William was happy to learn that his son shared a lot of the same interests that he did. Most nights they could be found playing a game of chess before bed

Bryon was also a very studious child and gave his parents no trouble about doing his homework assignments as soon as he got home from school

After a some-what rough pregnancy, Brittan went into labor and was surprised to find out that she was having twins!

The twins were identical except that there was a baby boy and a baby girl

Lindsay Wade

Michael Wade

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Lindsay, 1 point for Michael)

Household Net-Worth: 89,063

((These two family sims are pretty endearing, though other than the birth of unexpected twins, the week was rather uneventful. Brittany spent her maternity leave either sleeping or eating so I had a feeling it might be twins but wasn't sure. Both William and Brittany need more friends for promotions at this point so I got a start on that this round as well, although Brittany's rough pregnancy made it difficult for her to make friends on maternity leave. Byron turned out quite handsome though he's not very social and he's pretty mean. I love the freckle skintone and it looks like the twins have it as well. Bonus points to anyone who can guess the naming theme for this house ::grins:: We're going to check in on another new family, Janet Devivio and Ricky Cormier next

Edit [9 Nov 2009]: The leader of the pack didn't show up on the lot so the warewolf card will remain open until I can fulfill it.))


jungfrun68 said...

What happened to the werewolf card?!

Liz said...

Oh yeah, whoops, I forgot to comment about that. The leader of the pack didn't show up on the lot at all this round (and I don't want to cheat by using the teleporter shrub) so the card will remain open until it can be fulfilled. That's going to be my general rule with cards -- when a card can't be fulfilled in a given round it will remain open until it can be fulfilled. So potentially a family could have multiple cards open.

SK said...

The kids in this house are so gorgeous. I love Byron! He looks like such a cute little nerd, but the idea that he could end up being a little bastard is kind of funny too. :) I really NEED to get that better graphics card so I can enjoy such pleasures as freckles and the pretty pretty default eye replacements you have, le sigh. Perhaps for Christmas, I can ask for all the pieces parts, and then for New Year's, you can help me install it. :D

Liz said...

@SK: I think Byron is going to be a little shit. I already have him preliminarily fixed up with Eddie Devivio (the mean, spoiled youngest child of Sofia and Guy). I think they will be a good pair. You really do need a new graphics card, and possibly more ram... both easy to install. You can probably get a similar graphics card to what I have for pretty reasonable now since it's not top of the line anymore. I have an ATI Radeon 4800 series -- I think they're like $150 now

Liz said...

This one I think

Anonymous said...

I love the freckles on Byron!

Mao said...

Awww, twins! Byron is cute, too. The fact that he's going to be a bastard probably only makes it better, LOL! I can't wait to see him tormenting the hood.

MizzJulez said...

Aww, Byron is so cute! And by the way, I love this blog!