Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cormier (R8)

Ricky and Janet, recent graduates of Sim State University, have recently moved back to Silvervale with their daughter, Vinaya. With degrees in hand how will Ricky and Janet fare in their adult lives? How will Vinaya grow up considering her unconventional upbringing?

Cormier (Lot 12) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #182: Go on a Cheap Matchmaker Date

Ricky managed to find a small bungalow style house in Silvervale. The previous owners had installed some pretty strange looking wall-paper but other than that the house was very livable, especially after a quick trip to Ikea for some furnishings. Janet and Ricky were just happy to finally be in their own home and not in some college rental.

After getting settled in, Ricky asked Janet something that he had been wanting to ask her for a long time, he dropped down to one knee and pulled out a little black box

Janet wasn't very surprised by the proposal considering they had a daughter together. She was, however, surprised at how beautiful of a ring he could afford after buying a house.

Of course Janet accepted Ricky's proposal

Knowing that they would not be able to afford a honeymoon, they had a preemptive celebration before Vinaya came home from school

Vinaya wasn't having any trouble adjusting to her new surrounings, she frequently brought friends home from school to play

After Vinaya had said goodbye to her friend, the small family headed to the arboretum for a small marriage ceremony overlooking the lake. There was no sense in having a huge wedding when it was just a formality anyway

Ricky and Janet exchanged vows and were quickly pronounced husband and wife

The next day, both Janet and Ricky tried to find jobs. Janet was able to find a position in her desired field, Gamer career track, probably because her aunt Serena was had already made it to the top

Unfortunately for Ricky, there were no open positions in the Law Enforcement career, so he took what he considered to be the next best thing, a job in Politics

Janet had been feeling a little strange ever since their move, she figured the stress was catching up with her. Despite trying to do her best on her first day of the job, she made a poor decision and cost the team some money

Ricky, on the other hand, got off to a great start in his new career by refusing the cater to special interest groups

Ricky also made it a habit of inviting colleagues over after work in order to help schmooze his way to the top

With all the people coming and going at the house, Vinaya was curious what her father did, Ricky was all too happy to explain his work to her

While Ricky was schmoozing fellow politicians, Janet got a big surprise, and an answer as to why she was feeling ill

Janet's pregnancy lead to very strange cravings for Grilled Cheese, something she didn't experience during her pregnancy with Vinaya

Despite her new cravings, Janet couldn't forget her Pleasure alignment, with Ricky out schmoozing the politicians across the aisle and Vinaya in school all day, Janet got a little stir crazy. She decided to call over the matchmaker to see if she could meet some new people, in a strictly platonic way of course

The couple didn't have a lot of money, and Janet didn't want Ricky to get angry at her for spending money to meet people, so Janet gave the matchmaker the only cash she had in her pockets

Needless to say, the Matchmaker was not pleased with the sum

Despite her displeasure, she summoned a blind date for Janet who wasn't quite as bad as she warned might be possible with such a low amount paid

Justice was a nice guy, but he and Janet didn't really have much in common. He was also puzzled as to why a married, pregnant woman would be calling for a blind date

Janet talked Justice into playing some catch in the backyard, she was just so bored sitting in the house

The date turned out OK despite Janet and Justice not having much in common, Janet hoped that she was able to make a friend

That evening it was time for Vinaya's birthday, Janet and Ricky couldn't believe how quickly she had grown up

Vinaya grew out the candles and matured into a beautiful, intelligent teen

With growing up in an academic environment, it was no surprise when Vinaya chose to pursue a path of knowledge for her life

Vinaya Devivio - Libra
Knowledge (LTW: Become head of the SCIA )

Vinaya still delighted in inviting friends over from school. She thought it was funny that her Aunt Eddie was actually younger than she was

Being a teenager, Vinaya also spent a lot of time on the phone calling up her many friends

In the rare occasion that she didn't have a friend over, Vinaya just delighted in the small things around the house, like raking up the leaves then playing in the large pile

Janet and Ricky were overjoyed at Vinaya's pleasant demeanor and attitude and hoped that the new baby would have a similar personality.

Soon after Vinaya's birthday, Janet's water broke

She gave birth to a baby boy that they named Mahran

Mahran had the same features as his sister, dark skin, dark hair, and light green eyes. There was definitely no denying that Mahran and Vinaya were siblings

Mahran Cormier

Vinaya was so excited to have a little brother, she helped out with the baby so much that Janet was able to go back to work soon after giving birth

Janet's boss was so impressed with her speedy return to work that he granted her a promotion

Scoring: 1 Point for Mahran

Household Net-Worth: 30,688

((I'm so sad that this is the last "official" lot on my playlist because I absolutely adore these sims. Vinaya has to be the most pleasant sim I have ever played. She's just so friendly and beautiful. I hope that Mahran has similar looks and personality. Janet and Ricky despite dropping down to 1 bolt are all over each other, almost like a 3 bolt couple. The matchmaker date was quite amusing, neither Janet nor her date rolled up any wants relating to each other. Janet had the "Play Catch" want, so I indulged hoping to nudge the date score up a little bit. Also -- the absolute funniest thing happened this round. I was checking on Mahran when I noticed Vinaya shuffling around on a small area rug that's in the kitchen. I was like "wtf is she doing" so I quickly zoomed over to her and she had the most evil look on her face:

I noticed her action queue had Janet's date Justice with the tooltip "shock." She waited patiently in this position for him to get up off the couch then went over and:


Keep in mind this is my 10 nice point sim! I just laughed and laughed and laughed... I'm actually laughing now as I post it. Vinaya's face while she's patiently waiting to shock Justice is too damn funny! Anyway, we're off to the last University lot of the round to check on Marty and Emmett Hoppes))


jungfrun68 said...

I'm stunned! I've never seen a sim shock someone else!
Your cheap date was fun, but I thought you would have waited for Vinaya to become a teen.

And - this is the house that my Agnes Myhr and Kevin Rodiek moved into after college :)(played but not posted)

Liz said...

The SHOCK thing was HILARIOUS!!! It was the small round area rug that comes with IKEA stuff if you're wondering what rug it was. Come to think of it I probably should have waited for Vinaya to turn into a teen but honestly it caught me by surprise. I had no expectation for her to transition until I got the pop-up! Also, I like to knock jar cards out of the way at the beginning of the round so that I don't run the risk of forgetting it. Also, I don't like the InTeen feature that allows teens to get adult dates from the matchmaker... It just seems... wrong... to me. Vinaya being my favorite sim, I'm going to be very selective to whom she gets paired! I don't want those stunning genes wasted :)

I like this house, but I did a remodel and added a second floor when Mahran was born. Too bad they are BROKE so I couldn't decorate or furnish it yet. I'm not even sure the second floor has flooring yet, heh.

SK said...

Hahahahaha, that shock. I suspect even when something else unexpected happens, we will still laugh about this. Viyana will forever be known as The Shocker. She is SO lovely as a teen. I really like this household.

ASimWen said...

HA! Had to read this entry...the funniest thing a Sim has ever done. LOL! In all my years of Simming I don't think I have ever seen that.

reksims said...

Ooo, I want my sims to start shocking each other! That look is pure evil.

Mao said...

I love the zap! thing they do on the carpets. Although, I've had to remove carpets because that's ALL the sims kept doing to each other. SIGH.

Vinaya is gorgeous! I can't wait to see her all grown up. :)