Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teer 2 (R8)

Last Round at Wesley and Jeannie's love shack, the couple started their adult lives after college completely devoted to each other (unusual for a romance couple). They also got a great start in their careers; Jeannie in her desired Slacker path, and Wesley in the Show Business path. Wesley also underwent plastic surgery to lessen the sharpness of his nose so that he would be more appealing in front of the cameras. Will Wes and Jeannie remain monogamous romance sims this round? Will Jeannie roll up the elusive "get married" want? How will they fare in their careers? Lets find out!

Teer 2 (Lot 10) Monday-Saturday
Jar Card #171: Visit a community lot and pick a fight with everyone you can

Wesley and Jeannie enjoyed sharing the house with each other. They were free to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted

Things were still looking up for Wesley, he had a lovely girlfriend and was doing very well in his Show Business career

Unfortunately Jeannie wasn't doing as well at her job since she seemed to be more worried about her social life than her professional life

Despite being told that she was fired, Jeannie was only demoted to the lowest rung on the Slacker ladder which she found more humiliating than losing her job completely

Reeling from her demotion, Jeannie and Wesley hit the town hoping that it would put Jeannie in a better mood. They went out to Lulu's Lounge but everyone there seemed to hear about Jeannie's demotion and didn't make it secret that she was the laughing stock of the Social Scene

The club was perilously close to turning into an all out brawl with the other patrons making fun of Jeannie and Jeannie and Wesley trying to defend Jeannie's honor

Wesley thought it would probably be a good idea to lay low for a while and let Jeannie get her bearings back into her career so she could show everyone that they were wrong. The next day, Jeannie started to advance her way back up the Slacker Career in effort to prove everyone wrong

Wesley was getting lonely with Jeannie spending so much more time at work that he invited over an old flame, Linda Greaves to hopefully keep him company while Jeannie was at work

Wes had been very friendly with Linda in college and apparently the spark was still there even though he had graduated

Before Wesley knew it things had gone way beyond friendly daytime company

To distract himself from the pangs of guilt he felt about Linda, Wes invited over his niece, Janet and her boyfriend Ricky later that day. The friendly socialization was good for both Wes and Jeannie

Jeannie was very happy to have some non-judgmental female socialization

With her mind at ease since her demotion, Jeannie slowly worked her way back up the ladder in attempt to reach her life's goal of becoming a professional party guest

Scoring: 0 points

Household Net-Worth: 76,514

((Well that wraps it up for Wesley and Jeannie. I'm a little sad that they're no longer monogamous. As soon as they returned from their outing downtown both rolled up the "have 3 loves at once" want and the "woohoo with 3 sims" want so I obliged Wesley since Jeannie was working most day because of her demotion. The Jar card was rather amusing although I didn't actually get them to fight with anyone they were mean to everyone at the club. We'll check in on William and Brittany and their fledgling family next))


jungfrun68 said...

It's funny how you get your jar cards to fit into the story!

SK said...

Jeannie is so cute. I love her face. I've been thinking about possibly downloading ACR in addition to InTeen because I control my sims so much that there's never any cheating... it would break my heart if some of my babies did it, but I think the hack would help balance out my complete neurotic micromanaging of their actions all the time.

Liz said...

@J68: Yeah I try and work them in, most times I can if I think hard enough, but sometimes they end up as bloopers. I am enjoying the jar cards for the most part, they add new elements to the game that I wouldn't have thought of myself!

@SK: Jeannie is cute... I had them woohooing a lot but to no avail... I would like them to breed, perhaps there might be an illegitimate child somewhere down the line that won't inherit the Teer nose and that can marry anyone in the hood, lol.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm tempted to add a jar challenge to my hood. Hmm...maybe next round.

Mao said...

Ha! How funny that they seem to have stumbled onto "Fight Club"... /snickers

Shame they've broken their monogamy, though. I guess you just can't change some sims...