Monday, April 6, 2009

Devivio 4 (R6)

Last round Kurt got married to his college sweetheart, Brittany Upsnott. We also found out that Brittany only has one nice point. Brittany got a job in her chosen profession of Military and Kurt got a job in the Natural Science career path, where he earned a cowplant. With only one nice point, it seemed fitting that Brittany would wish to become an evil witch. How will Brittany do with her witchcraft? Will Kurt and Brittany remember to lock the gate around the cowplant? Lets find out...

With all the promotions last round, Kurt and Brittany could afford to add on to their home

Kurt started off the week with another promotion

Unfortunately, Brittany didn't have nearly as good of luck with her job

Oh, not a good thing -- I bet that's going to put Brittany in a bad mood

Brittany brought Corey Sell home from work, you may remember him as one of Carla's conquests from the last entry. Well, it looks like Corey was the co-worker who caused Brittany to be demoted...

Uh... Corey... the cake is a lie!!!

Uh oh...


Well maybe drinking the cowplant milk will cheer Brittany up

Kurt also brings a co-worker home, though having this co-worker eaten by the cow plant may mess up their outing

That evening, Brittany earned her Fitness hobby plaque while she was sleeping ((how you get a hobby plaque when you're sleeping I don't understand))

The luck of the couple reversed the next day -- Brittany got promoted

Kurt got some bad salmon on his lunch break

Although he didn't eat the Salmon it looks like he still got the flu from the shoddy restaurant food

Even with the flu, Kurt had enough energy and want to try for a baby -- the next day while practicing her witchcraft, Brittany found out that they were expecting.

She seemed pretty pleased to find out she was pregnant.

Brittany: *cackles* "A little one that will learn the ways of darkness"

A few days later, over some morning bathroom conversation, Brittany went into labor

Baby girl, Tabitha was born

So far, she looks like her daddy

To end the week, Kurt brought home another promotion

Will Tabitha grow up with a desire to follow her mother's ways of witchcraft? Will the baby have any nice points when she reaches toddlerhood? Find out next round!

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Brittany's Fitness plaque, 1 point for Tabitha)

Household Net-Worth: 52,548

((This round was pretty uneventful, Brittany mostly practiced her magic and made reagents this round [I think she's around level 5] and Kurt skilled. Some of the witch spells are actually quite handy. If this household becomes my witchiary then I will be basing alingment off of Ndayeni's Pennington family rules. Descendants will also be named after famous witches/warlocks/wizards -- Tabitha is the name of Darrin and Samantha's daughter on Bewitched, one of my favorite syndicated sitcoms when I was a kid.))


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Tabitha, how perfect! My first witch named her daughter Sabrina, but it was a toss up! LOL

SK said...

I LOVE THE COW PLANT!!! Holy crap, that is so awesome. Also, check you out with your mad design skills on their new house. Very nice.