Thursday, April 2, 2009

Devivio 3 (R6)

Last round Carla continued to work on her lifetime want of woohoo-ing with 20 sims. Carla received a genie lam from the gypsy and she wished 3 times for fortune so she could move into her own place and out of the bugged out apartments. She also took up flower arranging. Lets see what happened this week.

Here's Carla's house, I made a few cosmetic changes to the outside (new siding, windows, etc) to make it fit the rest of the houses in the area but it's a house out of lots bin.

As seen in the post for the Pushard's round, Allan had a small indiscretion at Carla's house this week

(Allan Pushard - woohoo #14)

Carla also continued to work on her flower arranging. She was able to earn a silver and gold talent badge in flower arranging

She also earned her Arts & Crafts hobby plaque

Carla decided to open a business to spread the joy of snapdragons around Silvervale and also figured she could gain some customer loyalty and work on her lifetime want at the same time. She purchased "Just Flowers... and More" ((which really is Just Flowers -- does that name annoy anyone else?))

on her first day of business there was a lightning storm that started the bamboo on fire -- this was not good for business...

Despite the lightning storm, Carla's flower business managed to reach rank 1. Carla also earned her bronze and silver talent badges in sales

The business also gave Carla the opportunity to meet several eligible men whom she did not hesitate to invite over after business hours

(Vince Johnston - woohoo #15)

(Ethan Barrett - woohoo #16)

(Malcolm Landgrabbe - woohoo #17)

Carla continued to alternately head off to her business and then head home to woohoo her male customers

She earned her Gold sales badge...

...A bronze stocking badge...

...And a bronze register badge...

And a few more conquests

(Amin Sims - woohoo #18)

(Corey Sell -woohoo #19)

By the end of the week, the business had reached level 4 and Carla finally achieved her lifetime want with Joe Carr

(Joe Carr - woohoo #20)

Carla then looked through her little black book and found the most attractive guy she could to move in with her - Connor Johnston from her days at Sim State

Connor Johnston - Scorpio
Fortune (LTW: 6 pets reach TOC)

Carla and Connor were going to try and have Bonkers be the first pet they get to top of career, Unfortunately right after Connor moved in, Bonkers went to the big litter box in the sky...

Since Bonkers was no more... Carla called up the humane society and adopted a female kitten they named Snolanna

Connor also took a job in the business field

Will Connor and Carla do well as a couple? Will Carla settle down now that she has achieved her lifetime want? How many pets will this house hold at once? Find out next time!

Scoring: 3 points (.5 for Carla's gold flower arranging badge, 1 point for Carla's A&C hobby plaque, .5 for Carla's gold sales badge, 1 point for adding Connor as a playable sim)

Household Net-Worth: 35,503 (+business value)

((That's it for Carla this week. I think she'll settle down a lot now that that lifetime want is out of the way. Carla is secondary knowledge and rolls a lot of knowledge related wants. Did I mention my obsession with red-heads this round? Well I remembered how adorable Connor was from uni and I bet he has good genes -- they will be breeding and it'll be more than cats. Off to check on the 4th and final Devivio house - Kurt and Brittany - next!))


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

With Carla as the owner, Just Flowers... and More can really mean and more LOL I'm just saying...

SK said...

Oooh, I really want to try businesses. I'm kind of excited to get to this point in my game.

Liz said...

@ Sims2fan08 -- LOL, good point, I didn't think of that. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, maybe I need to get OFB to get those 20 wooHoos. Regular meeting people is proving pretty slow. Also it was sad to see Carla crying about Bonkers (but good that she cared).