Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Teer Family

Clayton and Kelly Teer moved to Silvervale looking to provide a stable life for their two daughters Sofia and Serena.

((I'm thinking this family will be pretty easy/boring as knowledge sims tend to be. Since this family is a traditional nuclear family I don't really have a fun backstory for them. We'll see how their personalities develop this round. Also, they're all clean freaks so I shouldn't have to hire any outside help. Maybe I'll go for twins to keep things interesting... cheesecake anyone???))

Clayton Teer (adult, M) Sagittarius
Popularity (LTW: become Captain Hero)

Kelly Teer (adult, F) Leo
Knowledge (LTW: become Education Minister)

Sofia Teer (teen, F) Virgo
Knowledge (LTW: max out 7 skills )

Serena Teer (toddler, F) Scorpio

The Welcome Wagon shows up to welcome the Teer's to the neighborhood.

The women in this town seem to be swooning over Darryl Hoppes... Except Ericka

Who would rather pick a fight. That's not a good way to welcome your new neighbors.

While Darryl and Ericka are fighting outside, Clayton is teaching baby Serena to walk.

Although he doesn't seem to be having success at first. Keep at it Clayton, she'll learn eventually.

Darryl fights back before excusing himself from the Teer's house. (they were picking at each other for a good 2 sim hours I'm surprised it didn't escalate into a real fight)

Clayton entertains Ericka and Jill with some sports on TV

Ericka and Kelly get to know one another over a friendly game of chess.

After the welcome wagon heads out, the family settles into their new kitchen with a dinner of grilled cheese

Clayton and Kelly look for jobs after dinner, Kelly finds a job in the education field in order to begin work on her life time want.

Clayton accepts a position in the Culinary field until he can find something in law enforcement. They both quickly begin moving up their respective career ladders.

Congratulations you two!

Kelly spends the rest of the evening teaching Serena how to talk.

It looks like Serena is getting the hang of talking more quickly than she got the hang of walking.

Kelly gets another promotion from a chance card.

Yay, one step closer to that bookshelf! ... oh, and the lifetime want too...

Sofia begins working on her lifetime want by skilling up her creativity

Clayton helps Sofia with some homework before bed.

While the family is sleeping, the Leader of the Pack shows up.

Sorry doggie, you're not going to get any nibbles tonight. (Even with two knowledge sims in this house, neither one rolled the want to see the wolf until after he showed up... bummer)

The next day, Clayton invites Jill Hoppes back over.

Sofia gets an A+

and Serena grows into a child

What a beautiful young lady. Sofia presented her with a portrait for her birthday.

Kelly reads Serena a story before bed

Clayton catches up to his wife with his second promotion

His co-worker Meadow Pederson helps him out with the possibility of another promotion

See it pays to invite your co-workers in for a bit :)

Serena, aren't you too young to be talking about that? I hope this doesn't mean she's going to want to be a romance sim....

The Teer's finish off their week with another round of promotions

Meadow must have kept her promise because Clayton still required a logic skill point

Serena brings home an A+ bringing a close to the week for the Teer's

Score: 4 points (one for each sim)

((The Teer's were pretty boring but they got a lot accomplished. Stay tuned to see what happens with that trouble maker Ericka Eich next))

Custom Content:
Kelly's Hair: RaonSims
Sofia's Hair: RaonSims
Serena's Hair: RaonSims
Sofia's Outfit: Teen Fashion Collection #3 by Olcia_Olivinea @ TSR


ASimWen said...

WooHoo! You are learning the value of schmoozing with the co workers! I love it!

Chrissy Brown said...

Hey Kelly's a little wacky looking but Clayton's handsome. Good intro round :)