Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Devivio Family

Pamela's life of Romance had gotten her into big financial trouble... 3 kids with 3 different fathers didn't leave her a lot of options. Not being able to afford to properly care for her children, Pamela was forced to move back in with her parents, Nita and Hugh. Can Pamela give her kids more attention or will she slip back into her romancing ways? Will Guy, Carla and Kurt be able to grow up into well adjusted adults now that they have the love and attention of their grandparents?

((argh... 6 sims one of them being a romance sim ::crosses fingers for a career oriented LTW:: This house is probably going to prove difficult. Wish me luck!))

Nita Devivio (elder, F) Sagittarius
Family (LTW: marry off 6 children -- impossible)

Hugh Devivio (elder, M) Scorpio
Knowledge (LTW: max out 7 skills)

Pamela Devivio (adult, F) Virgo
Romance (LTW: WooHoo with 20 different sims)

Guy Devivio (teen, M) Scorpio
Family (LTW: graduate 3 children from college)

Carla Devivio (child, F) Pisces

Kurt Devivio (toddler, M) Capricorn

The family moves into their new home and Carla shows off her cartwheel skills in her new big yard

Nita begins teaching baby Kurt to walk

Pamela makes friends with their across the street neighbor, Clayton Teer

Don't even think about it Pamela, he's married... and I want to play a few rounds and get this hood established before I start causing drama ::evil grins:: ((I do want her making friends with Clayton though because I think Sofia and Guy will be cute together, hopefully they have some chemistry))

Pamela takes a job in the science career to help boost the family's financial status. She has a good first day

Nice Job. that chance card always confuses me because I forget what the results are.

She even brings home a promotion

She even rolls a want to interact with Kurt (surprising for a romance sim...) so she teaches him how to talk

that night Kurt also gets potty trained!

As a reward for Pamela getting a promotion and being nice to her kids, I let her go chat up the locals at Cafe Petite (I should probably at least attempt her life time want I suppose)

She meets a few eligible bachelors I don't remember this guy's name

Joe Carr hooks her up with a discount on furnishings so I decided he'll be her first conquest... er... love

Unfortunately, after a long night out on the town, Pamela falls victim to the unsavory charlatin while she was trying to call a cab home ((note to self: buy all sims cell phones so they don't have to use the pay phone))

Guy and Carla both bring home A+'s

As a reward the family adopts a kitten named Bonkers

Unfortunately in all the commotion with the adoption, they completely forgot Kurt's birthday... whoops!

That evening, Pamela brings home another promotion, and invites over Joe Carr...

Nita also decides to take a job in the law career now that all her grandkids are self sufficient.

After the kids are in bed, Pamela begins to fulfill her life time want.
((So I wasted some time here because I forgot that the sims had to be on a date to woohoo if they weren't both playable sims. I had had Joe over once before and couldn't for the life of me figure out why there was no woohoo option when they were both relaxing))

Pamela's evening with Joe ended up being a dream date for which he left her a nice gift.

((between selling Joe's gift and the dicount on furnishings, I was able to buy some nice upgrades for the hosue this round which is good b/c the Devivio's pretty much had the cheapest stuff I could get for them at the beginning -- furnishing for 6 people is hard))

Nita brings home a quick promotion

She also decides to enter the cooking contest at Sue's secret kitchen entering a delicious plate of grilled cheese...

... and wins!

Pamela invites her friend Clayton Teer and his daughter Sofia over for dinner that evening because she wants introduce Guy to Sofia.

It looks like Guy and Sofia hit it off pretty well (two bolts of chemistry, yay)

Pamela brings home her third promotion of the week and a friend.

This guy (whose name I didn't write down, sorry) will be Pamela's second conquest I believe ;)

Kurt brings home an A+

And Nita reaches the top of her career path

To finish off the week we'll end with Carla's Birthday...

Cool, a good outfit for a chance, and the custom hair stuck again :)

Ugh, another romance sim...

Score: 6 points (one for each sim)

((Well that wasn't so bad. I was too afraid to look at Carla's LTW so I'll update that next round. I feel dumb for wasting so much time with Joe because I didn't remember to have Pamela ask him on a date before trying to get him and Pamela to WooHoo. I probably could have had at least 3 WooHoo's this round. Oh well. It takes so much attention when Pamela is on dates that the rest of the household gets neglected for the most part, at least I don't really have to worry about her skills right away since she's guaranteed a promotion. I think Guy and Sofia will be seeing each other again very soon ::winks::))

Custom Content:
Carla's Hair: RaonSims


Ellie said...

You don't have to be on a date for them to woohoo. She does have to be in love first though, or the option won't come up.

Liz said...

Thanks for the tip... dates are just too tedious!

ASimWen said...

Wow it looks like being friendly with the co worker paid off again. **Hint** if you do a 'casual gathering' for an 'outing' with each coworker that comes home, friendship status comes extremely quick, and you earn free promotions. No skilling involved....heh

Anonymous said...

Joe is a catch! In my game he came with a job as CEO and a LTW to become Business Tycoon, which he fulfilled in only a few days.

Otherwise I think caareer LTws are really hard with uneducated sims

Like your story! You're welcome to read mine if you're interested:

I'm already in "year" 56 for some of my lots.


Eien Herrison said...

Hey, you commented on my Prosperity, and yours caught my eye: definitely seems interesting so far, although ouch on having two Romance sims in the family.

The Science chance card I can never get right: it's 50-50 on whether it's good or bad, and I always get the bad result and get my sim fired.