Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hoppes Family

((sorry forgot to take loading screen picture))

Jill and Darryl Hoppes moved to Silvervale to live out the rest of their days in peace and quiet. With no heir, will they adopt a child?

((more elders ::sigh:: I'll be adopting first thing so that there is an heir to this house. Playing an elder romance sim should be interesting))

Jill Hoppes (elder, F) Virgo
Popularity (LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren)

Darryl Hoppes (elder, M) Libra
Romance (LTW: WooHoo with 20 Different Sims)

Nita and Hugh Devivio come over to welcome the Hoppes' to the neighborhood. While the girls have some girl talk...

...The guys check out the sports on TV

The Hoppes' realize they don't have enough in their bank account to adopt a child

((whoops, I didn't realize there was a minimum required to adopt... I've never done it before)) So they both take positions, Jill in a Adventure track, and Darryl in the slacker track even though neither of them want to spend their retirement working...

Jill starts off pretty successful and earns a promotion on her first day

Darryl isn't as lucky though

I guess Darryl wasn't cut out to be a golf caddy...

Lets see if we have better luck with architecture.

Jill decides to hone her creative skills and begins selling paintings. She's awarded a hobby plaque for her dedication to painting

Darryl is having much better luck in the architecture career path and earns a promotion

Jill also gets promoted a reaches the top of the adventure career path

Jill sells a masterpiece painting which puts the family funds right at the 3000 mark

After a few days of skilling for promotions and selling paintings, the Hoppes are finally able to adopt
Welcome to the Family Amar! What a handsome young man.

Amar Hoppes (Child, M) Aries

Ending the week on a positive note, Darryl gets a good chance card

And reaches the top of his career track

Score: 4 points (one for each sim, one for Jill's Arts & Crafts plaque)

((And that's it for the Hoppes family, that was awfully boring after playing the Devivio's. I just hope that I can get Darryl and Jill some aspiration so they can have some elixir of life otherwise they'll die before Amar grows up to a teenager... It's really hard getting their aspirations meters past green b/c their wants are totally crappy))

Custom Content:
Jill's Hair: RaonSims
Jill's Glasses: tortoise frames by macgirlffx @ TSR


ASimWen said...

Alright! Hobby plaque and an adoption. I love adoptions.....they are so much fun.

Anonymous said...

If you're lucky, you can manage a lonely child with the help of nannies. He will be able to call the nanny himself.
Be careful not to miss the shift ending after 8 hours!