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The Eich Family

After college Tyrone Eich and his partner, Julio, lived in the big city making friends and influencing people. When they decided it was time to settle down, they moved back to Tyrone's childhood home in Silvervale with his mother Ericka. After settling into their home, Tyrone and Julio decided to adopt two children, a child named Darren and a toddler named Tia.

((I'm looking forward to this family. I've never had a male same-sex couple before. Julio seems like he's going to be a riot to play, and little Tia is just too cute!)

Ericka Eich (elder, F) Scorpio
Pleasure (LTW: have 50 dream dates )

Tyrone Eich (adult, M) Cancer
Popularity (LTW: become The Law)

Julio Eich (adult, M) Aquarius
Popularity (LTW: become a Hall of Famer)

Darren Eich (child, M) Taurus

Tia Eich (toddler, F) Aries

Tyrone and Julio were excited to move back to Silvervale to give their two children a better life. They didn't realize that Ericka was on such bad terms with the neighbors. Mathew Pushard stopped by to welcome them to the neighborhood and he didn't get such a warm reception from Ericka.

I'm not sure how Ericka is going to get any dream dates if she's this nasty to all the elder men in the neighborhood.

While Tia was taking her afternoon nap, the guys worked on skilling so they could help Ericka with the housework.

Julio was lucky to find a job in his chosen field of Athletics. Since it was the highest paying option for the day, Tyrone decided to accept a position in the Athletic field as well, until a job came open in the law career.

Once Tia awoke from her nap, she spent some quality time with her daddy's:

Not only is Tia adorably cute. She's smart too!

The next day it was time for Darren to start his new school and the men to start their new jobs

Nice llama suits guys! Vo Gerbits!!!

After her son moved back, Ericka also developed a strange interest in grilled cheese.

Luckily the guys are in the athletic career so they shouldn't pack on too many pounds.

Darren came home from school that day with a strange want

Darren must not be adjusting well to the move. ((I've never seen this want come up before and I thought it was hilarious))

Luckily he played nicely with his sister and even tried to teach her a nursery rhyme.

Ericka also gave little Tia some attention trying to teach her how to walk

Tyrone came home with a promotion that evening as well

Too bad that's not his life time want...

The next day, Darren came home with an A+ and a new friend

This is Carla Devivio from next door... there could be some potential here, lets see what aspirations you two roll when you grow up this round...

Soon it was time for Tia to grow up into a child

Yay! I'm glad the custom hair stuck. She's just as pretty as she was as a baby :)

Tia and Julio shared a celebration dance before heading to bed

Tia also sneaked a peek though the telescope and made a discovery

The next day Ericka took a part time position in the medical field.

Tyrone earned a few skill points from a chance card

Unfortunately, Julio wasn't as lucky

Aww there's nothing worse than a sad llama!

Fortunately Ericka also got a promotion and was able to make up for the money the family lost from Julio losing his job.

Somehow she managed to impress her co-workers enough with some ethnic food to get promoted because as we've seen already, she has poor social skills...

((hobby chance cards are pretty pointless imo, so I'm only going to include them if I can fit them into the story somehow))

The family shared a nice sit down dinner to try and cheer Julio up about losing his job. Maybe he's considering a new position in business.

The next day brings another round of promotions

((gah, why couldn't Julio be getting all these athletic track promotions... I think certain personality types are more suited for specific careers because Tyrone is rocking the career path. Hopefully he does this well when Law finally comes up))

Ericka gets a chance card and it looks like she was actually nice for once

I forgot to screencap the chance card so here's the text:
Ericka is staffing the ER of Sim County General Hospital in the midst of flu
season - they're totally swamped. Patients are waiting for hours and hours to
get a room. Ericka is nearly overwhelmed when a tired pregnant woman comes
into the ER and begs Ericka for a room and a doctor. But since she's not
critically injured, Ericka isn't technically allowed to let her in without
waiting. Should Ericka try and find the woman a room, or ask her to sit down
like everyone else?

Find a Room --or-- Make her Wait

Looks like being nice paid off because Ericka comes home with a promotion as well.

... Although she rubs it in Julio's face that night...

((ugh I don't know why Ericka is so mean to men...))

Julio decides to try and get back into his chosen career and he gets to start out a step higher than Team mascot
Tia gets a nice bonus for starring in the school play

And finally Darren's birthday comes at the end of the week

heh... nice hair :P

Yay, Knowledge aspiration :)

Score: 5 points (one for each sim)

((Well that brings the first round of the Eich's to a close. Ericka is a super huge pain, she's mean and grouchy all the time... I don't think I'll be letting her partake of the elixir of life... is that mean? Otherwise this house was fun to play. It's a bummer that Tyrone is able to move up the Athletic career quickly and I wasn't ble to do it with Julio who has the LTW for Athletic. I didn't check Darren's LTW and I'll have to check his clothes and change his hair next round. Devivio is up next... this is going to be interesting))

Custom Content:
Tia's Hair: XMSims

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