Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Devivio 1 (R10)

Hey! Hey! An update! Things have been really hectic the last couple weeks, but now I'm back in my [somewhat] normal routine. Anyhoo... commencing with the update

Last time at the Devivio home, Guy and Sofia transitioned into Elders and their grown-up son, Brad had a mental breakdown at the birthday party. As per their jar card, the Devivio's invested a bunch of money into a teen oasis in the basement which included a bowling alley, pool table and home theater. Magenta got serious with James Pushard, Columbia got serious with her LTW to go on 50 first dates and Frank got serious about bringing home the big bucks. At the end of the round Frank and Magenta went off to university. Lets see how the family is getting along this round.

Devivio 1 (Lot 4) Friday-Wednesday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Columbia Devivio, Sofia Devivio, Guy Devivio, Eddie Devivio
Jar Card 54: Everyone sleep at the same time [I don't have a shot of this -- but trust me it happened]

Columbia Devivio had 2 favorite passtimes -- one of them was pool. She would spend hours in the basement practicing

Her other favorite passtime was dating. The matchmaker was no stranger to the Devivio household

Columbia only had her allowance to spend on dates, sometimes they weren't the best matches

Date #7: Pavi Bhatt

Date #8: Bruce Benson

Date #9: Steven Fraster

Eddie was also a very social young lady, she was even able to make friends with the neighborhood bully, Byron Wade. ((I'm hoping to fix Eddie and Byron up when they're both teens, so hopefully they get along well))

The evening of Eddie's birthday, both of the girls took a night off from their social endeavors to ring Eddie into teen-hood

Eddie grew up into a lovely lady but with a pretty horrid outfit

Unlike her sisters before her, Eddie decided the pursuit of knowledge was what she longed for. She wanted a man with a knack for cooking and some bling but that didn't wear cologne.

Excited that she had a companion, Columbia immediately whisked Eddie off downtown to pick up some new clothes

Eddie Devivio - Aries
Knowledge (LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon)

While Eddie was trying on clothes, Columbia was checking out the eligible men. She hit it off with a very handsome guy named Curtis Vijayakar

Date #10: Curtis Vijayakar

Being a knowledge sim, getting into private school was top on Eddie's priority list.

Of course, Columbia teased her relentlessly for "being a nerd"

Guy and Sofia were old friends with the headmaster, so they served up a lovely dinner of lobster thermidor

Considering all of their children before had gotten in, Eddie easily got accepted

After dinner, Columbia checked her college scholarships

((darn no pool scholarship))

Then she called the taxi to pick her up and take her off to join Magenta and Frank at Sim State

With only one child left in the house, Sofia and Guy really started to enjoy the quiet before Frank returned from college

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth:

((Well Columbia is moving right along with her LTW, she and Curtis hit it off, that date was the only one that progressed to dream date and past just a friendship level. We'll see how things go between them in college, I think he's a YA. The rest of the round was rather uneventful especially considering this house used to be packed full of sims. It's strange only having 3 residents living here. That will change next round when Frank returns from Sim State with his [family sim] girlfriend Whitney in tow. I don't know what her LTW is yet though since she's not playable. This didn't really fit too well into the story, but the kitty, Cherish died this round too

That's it for the Devivio house. We're off to visit the Hoppes' family next. I have the house played but I haven't edited the pictures yet so stay tuned!))


jungfrun68 said...

Eddie is really cute as a teenager!
Is there really a Pool scholarship?! I never saw that one in my own game or in any blog. The Footwork scolarship for dancing I see sometimes with my sims.

Eien Herrison said...

I don't think I've ever had a sim get the pool scholarship -- I think it might be one where you have to spend a good portion of your time playing pool. I've heard that if you can pull off the trick shots (xylophone and cut) you're close to getting it (like how being able to Bust A Move indicates you're close to the dancing one).

And I can definitely understand going from a packed household to only having a few sims :)

simmer500 said...

Hey i'm really enjoying your blog but have to say i only just came across it so i'm way behind.

keep up the good work i can't wait to get all upto date!

SK said...

OMG, Eddie and Byron would make theeeee most adorable children. Also, I see Sofia so much in Eddie; I love it. These Devivios are a good looking bunch.

You can get pool scholarships!? I need to look up some of the other crap you can get besides ones for just getting skills up to 8, having a TOC teen job, fancy footwork, or alien abduction.