Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teer (R7)

Last round at the Teers, Addison and Wesley moved off to college leaving Kelly and Clayton to their own devices. Clayton finally made it to Captain Hero - his lifetime want. The Teer's took up many hobbies including fishing, pottery, sewing and gardening. Lets see how they do with their empty nest this week.

The first thing of note that happened this week - Kelly received her Arts&Crafts hobby plaque

This allowed Kelly to max out her lifetime aspiration meter

and later on that evening she earned her Gold badge in Pottery

Clayton worked in his greenhouse and earned his bronze gardening talent badge

The next day at work, Kelly got a nice chance card

Kelly helped Clayton out with the orchard trees

While Clayton weeded the tomato plants, and earned his Silver gardening badge

Clayton and Kelly had Serena and Amar over for dinner one evening

Clayton and Serena bonded over fishing

The next day Clayton enjoyed some more fishing

And earned his Bronze Fishing badge

Clayton got a bad hobby chance card

He got home with his demotion right in time for their dinner date with Guy and Sofia

To round out the week, Clayton received his Nature hobby plaque

And his Gold badge in Gardening

These two achievements allowed him to max out his lifetime aspiration points

Scoring: 9 points (1 point for Kelly's A&C plaque, 3 points for Kelly maxing out LT aspiration points, .5 point for Kelly's gold pottery badge, 1 point for Clayton's nature hobby plaque, .5 point for Clayton's gold gardening badge, 3 points for Clayton maxing out LT aspiration points)

Household Net-Worth: 165,871

((Well this round was pretty boring - just like elder households tend to be. Even though it was slow, they both managed to get a lot of points. I also concentrated on building up their relationships with the kids - I'm terrible at realationship building - and I didn't want to waste any inheritance. I tried to get Kelly to turn into a plantsim but I suppose I didn't have enough crops to spray because it never happened... Oh well. Kelly and Clayton were getting periously close to the end of their lives - they both were only in the green when they transitioned into elderhood - so they hit the elixir twice. I'm thinking they won't survive too much longer but Addison will be back next round from Uni. We're off to the Eich's next -- it will be quite a contrast from this entry!))


SK said...

Aw, I'll be sad to see Kelly and Clayton go. :( Good luck with all that inheritance money to dole out, though...the family is certainly big enough to spread the wealth around!

jungfrun68 said...

It's nice to have a slow house in between chaos sometimes.
Well done on the filled lifetime meters!

Francesca Dean, Feature Editor said...

congrats, Kelly and Clayton, on the LT aspiration points!

I get attached to my elders...

I really like your links at the top for the tour of the house and info on the family