Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eich (R7)

Last Round at the Eich house was a very eventful one: Melody got pregnant again and gave birth to their second child and heir to the house, Annatto. Darren also got pregnant via alien abduction and gave birth to a daughter he named Anise. Angelica and Annatto grew up into children, and Anise transitioned into a toddler. In non-kid related news: the house got a remodel and expansion, Darren activated the servo he had in his inventory since college, and Darren also reached the top of the medical career fulfilling his lifetime want. Lets see how things are going in this crazy house this week. ((This is going to be a long update - probably the longest I've had to date - I have 84 pictures in my photobucket for this lot, I will try my best to narrow that down))

This is probably a left over from last round, but Darren had enough points to fill his lifetime aspiration meter

He also got a chance card at work that allowed him to get closer to fulfilling his impossible want of maxing all skills

Tyrone also got a nice chance card ((this family is loaded due to the sheer number of good bonus chance cards they have gotten))

Melody finally reached the top of the Science Career track fulfilling her lifetime want in the process

Melody immediately started her second career in Intelligence

Earlier this round, Jaiden sold Melody one of the dogs from their puppy litter - Danish. Unfortunately Danish didn't seem to be housebroken yet. Whoops!

After scolding Danish, Melody taught Angelica how to study

Tyrone and Julio were busy teaching Anise her toddler skills

Danish got a job in the security career track ((this house certainly doesn't need the money, but with 7 sims, a servo, and a pet, I was going crazy and needed as many of them out of the house as possible))

After getting him a job, Roberto started teaching Danish some tricks that would help him in the career

Unfortunately after only one day of work, Danish received a bad chance card and got fired

Homework time again! Darren taught Annatto to study this time

The members of this family are skilling fiends: The kids play with the activity table a lot

Annatto and his friend, Audrey Tomyoy, build some body skills on the lookout tower

Darren and Melody worked on their Impossible Want to max all skills

With the last charisma skill point under her belt, Melody achieved her IW first

Melody moved on to working on maxing out her one true hobby: sports

Soon it was time for Anise's birthday

Anise loves her grandpa Julio

And here she is after a quick makeover

Anise Eich

After only a few nights on the job, Melody reached the top of her second career in Intelligence ((Melody had several promotions before this I just decided to only show TOC in order to cull down the many many pictures I have of this round))

Melody's second promotion allowed her enough lifetime aspiration points to choose a secondary aspiration, she rolled popularity

Melody took her third (and probably final) career in Education - for the bookshelf of course

Closely following his wife, Darren achieved his IW

The Eich's decided to try again with getting Danish a job, so they got him a position in the service field

Roberto continued to work with Danish on his tricks

Julio and Tyrone sensed that their lives were nearly at an end, so they cleaned out their inventories

Julio enjoyed the time he had remaining by spending time with the grandkids and playing outside

The kids were also very close, they enjoyed smustling together after school

and playing at the activity table

Being knowledge sims, Darren and Melody thought it was time to get the kids into the local private school so they invited the headmaster over for a visit. The kids easily got accepted

The next day it was time for Angelica to transition into a teen

And here we go with the aspiration

Angelica Eich - Popularity
LTW: Become General

Angelica was able to find a teen level career in the military to help her toward her lifetime want

Roberto was working hard at the robot bench to make more of his kind when Ericka decided to pop out for a visit, literally

The next day, after countless hours at the bench, Roberto received a tinkering hobby plaque (not that it counts for any points)

This is when I noticed that his fun and social were in the red... but it was too late, he had already gone berserk and Julio happened to be in Roberto's way...

Darren quickly repaired Roberto so he would not injure anyone else

That day, Melody reached the top of the Education career track

To my chagrin the kids got a snow day on Monday, and of course, all the adults were off that day too

So the kids set to skilling because I didn't want to deal with them

6pm Monday was drawing periously close and before the close of the round, Julio and Tyrone's lifetime aspiration meters filled up

Unfortunately my suspicions were correct and right on the dot at 6, Grimmy came for Julio

Annatto inherited money from his grandpa Julio right as he was about to blow out the candles on his cake

And here's the aspiration:

Annatto Eich - Family
LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens

Scoring: 18 points (3 points for Darren maxing out the LT aspiration meter, 1 point for Melody reaching TOC in science, 3 points for Melody achieving her IW, 1 point for Melody reaching TOC in intelligence, 3 points for Darren achieving his IW, 3 points for Julio maxing out the LT aspiration meter, 3 points for Tyrone maxing out the LT aspiration meter, 1 point for Julio's platinum grave)

Household Net-Worth: 375,304

((Well this was a super long round - with that many sims in a house it took forever. There were a lot of promotions and a lot of birthdays. Of course after I did the puppies thing at the Pushards and decided not to do it anymore, that's when Annatto rolled up the raise 20 puppies/kittens lifetime want. I was really sad to see Julio go, he is my first CAS adult to die. With a house that full I wasn't going to artificially extend their lives though, I suspect Tyrone will go early next round. We're off to another full house - the Devivio's - next.))


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, it's always sad to see your first CAS sim die. The first to die in my prosperity hood died in a fire though, I think that was worse than old age. She didn't get the hula dancers and drinks! LOL

SK said...

Nooooo, not Julio!!! :'( We remember you and your terrible luck at remaining employed in the beginning fondly, Julio.

The good news is that this family makes beautiful babies, though! Afro-Poofs sounds like a cereal but makes a bangin' hairstyle.

jungfrun68 said...

18 points in one house! That's more than I usually get in a round of 20 houses!
On the other hand, now I've got Freetime in my Prosperity hood, so maybe the lifetime aspiration points can start rolling in :)

reksims said...

Poor Julio. But he had a good life. Also (as you know), I have a really hard time limiting pictures, especially in houses with too many people. So I think you're doing great at it!