Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Devivio (R7)

Last round at the Devivios Sofia gave birth to (cheesecake) twins Frank and Magenta. Sofia reached the top of the Science Career and Guy reached the top of the Military Career. Janet transitioned into a teen declaring a Pleasure aspiration and found a 2 bolt match in Ricky Cormier. Sofia got pregnant again and gave birth to their 5th child, Columbia. At the end of the week, Brad transitioned into a teen declaring a Family aspiration. Will the Devivio's have more kids to nab that impossible want? Will Janet and Brad be more than ready to escape this mad house and head off to Sim State? Lets see!

Brad had found his life-mate in childhood best friend Tessa Ramirez. Tessa's father, Checo, owned a furniture store over in Bluewater Village and did pretty well for himself. Checo was a little chagrined to find out that his daughter's boyfriend was the grandson of Pamela Devivio, a woman with whom he briefly had an affair.

Brad knew immediately that he and Tessa were meant to be together, they both had similar wants for their lives (family aspirations). He wasted no time taking their friendship to the next level.

After their first kiss, Brad and Tessa spent a lot of time "hanging out" on the Devivio's couch...

Tessa was even around for Brad's youngest sister, Columbia's, birthday party

Columbia Devivio - Scorpio

((sorry this isn't a better picture, I didn't realize until she had already transitioned into a child that I didn't get a close-up toddler picture ::frowns:: ))

The same night, Frank and Magenta had birthdays. Guy helped Magenta transition

Magenta Devivio

And Brad took some time out of his couch olympics to help Frank transition

Don't lose your balance there Frankie!

Frank Devivio

During the birthday party, Janet got a invite to head downtown with one of Ricky's friends -- no thanks!

Sofia was able to find a job in the Intelligence career, hopefully she gets to go to work this week

After Tessa headed home for the evening, Brad managed to earn his bronze gardening badge

Janet got a start on teaching Columbia her toddler skills

The next day, Guy gets a small bonus through a hobby chance card

Sofia also gets a chance card that leads to a promotion

Janet spends some time with her siblings before heading off to college

She applies for her scholarships

and, the next day, finalizes plans with Ricky about their dorm situation when they arrive at Sim State

I have a feeling these two are going to be a handful at Sim State! Check out that sly smirk on Ricky's face...

The twins start getting A+'s at school

They also start to hone their logic skills

Tessa and Brad continued to see each other most days, they even went on a few dates downtown

In between seeing Tessa Brad earned his Silver gardening badge

Soon it was time for Columbia's birthday ((I am such a slacker and didn't even take a cake picture! -- I think I was on screenshot hangover from the Eichs and just let this house run on auto-pilot for the round!))

Columbia Devivio

After Columbia's birthday party I did something very very very very... stupid --

Sure enough, there were chimes...

And sure enough, the bump showed up the next night

Guy finished his novel on raising a large family

And got promoted to the top of the business career

The aspiration points from selling the novel and reaching toc allowed Guy to max out his lifetime aspiration points

To end the week, Sofia and Guy thought it was about time to get the kids into private school

Unlike over at the Eich's, the family all managed to sit down to dinner together to entertain Mr. Ryan

With Sofia's maxed out cooking skill, and Guy's maxed out Charisma skill, the kids easily got accepted

Will the new arrival be twins? Will Brad want to get the heck out of this mad house asap? How will the Frank, Magenta and Columbia fare as teens? Find out next round!

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Guy reaching TOC Business, 3 points for Guy maxing out his lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 96,170

((Well this house was just as crazy as the Eich's but I kinda let it go on auto-pilot since the Eich's exhausted me. Admittedly, it's a lot easier playing a house with only 2 adults though, there weren't nearly as many promotions going around. Stupidly, I let Guy and Sofia try for another baby -- I don't know what I was thinking, Guy was relaxing in bed and Sofia was sleeping, it seemed natural when she woke up that she would relax with her husband. Of course with his maxed out LT aspiration meter he has the super fertility perk, and of course there are 2 spots left in the hosue so it's pretty likely they will have twins. Shannon says I have to go for Guys IW if they have twins -- I think it would have to be through adoption though because #1 there won't be enough room in the house until Frank and Magenta head off for Uni in Round 9, #2 Guy and Sofia are 10 days away from elder which makes them "younger" than their supposedly younger siblings. Janet went off to college with her boyfriend Ricky, you will see them late in the round - after Tia Eich's update - as I don't intend to play both Uni households at the same time. We're off to check on the Hoppes household next.))


SK said...

OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO. One child = you're safe. Two children, and they only need, what, three more to get the Impossible Want? Pshaw, what's three more kids in the face of the other SEVEN they've raised? Especially if you raise them from children instead of toddlers.

Very charming update, Miz Liz. When does Magenta get her crazy hair? ;)

I finished editing the Cleary pics at work today but didn't have the heart to blog it tonight, but it should be up by tomorrow before I go to bed. Yay for Sims addiction!! :D

Liz said...

Yeah, but the kids I'd be adopting would be the toddlers from my FAILED toddlermania challenge, lol.

I need to find some crazy hair -- something very "Magenta" from Rocky horror -- Particularly crazy curly black with Magenta streaks methinks... If anyone has any suggestions let me know :) perhaps something like this:

jungfrun68 said...

I just love your Rocky Horror theme of names, which I hoped to be able to gloat about that I figured out myself (already with Brad and Janet) but now no one will believe me since you told everyone in your comment :)

reksims said...

I think I'm about to go for the 10 kids IW too, but also may need to be's gonna be over a week before there's room left in the house!