Friday, February 24, 2012

Devivio 3 (R12)

Last time at the third Devivio house in the rotation, Gibson and Kay were super social. Gibson took advantage of having "cool" parents and often spent late nights out with his group of friends. He continued to date townie, Allyn. With the help of Alec Bigfoot, Carla continued to work at the flower shop and ended up getting it to Level 6. Alec also got promoted to TOC music, fulfilling his LTW in the process. All of the cats continued to work toward the top of their careers so that Connor could fulfill his LTW.

Devivio (Lot 7) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from top left) Connor Johnson, Carla Devivio, Alec Bigfoot, Gibson Devivio, Kay Devivio
Cats: Snickers, Heath, Heidi, Sebastian, Snolanna, Sweets
((I had to photoshop Kay in there because she didn't fit with all the damn cats!))

Being retired, Carla had a lot of time on her hands. Even though it was Connor's desire to have all 6 cats reach top of career, a lot of the training fell to Carla since she was home all day... not that she minded

The training paid off, and all of the cats continued to advance in their careers

Heidi and Snickers even managed to reach TOC during the round

Now it was only the two youngest cats that needed to reach TOC for Connor to achieve his LTW

Carla also had a lot of time to spend at her flower shop. Local Silvervale residents frequently came in for bouquets to freshen up their homes

It wasn't unusual for Carla to see new clients coming into the shop from far away either (this is just my excuse for a cameo by the beautiful Imelda Vinci of Rosebud)

The shop was busier than ever thanks to its great reputation for quality and service

Carla always took Alec along to the shop, he seemed to be a great attraction for customers, and he was so helpful with the business

Her employee, Ethan was also a great boon to business, he never let the shelves stay empty for long

It was no surprise that Carla's little flower shop was reaching close to the top, and closed the week at rank 8

With Carla being off at the business, and Connor working long hours at his company, the kids pretty much had to fend for themselves

Both of the kids were very conscientious and made sure their homework was done before partaking in other activities

True to his name, Gibson frequently spent time wailing on his guitar... Maybe he would try to start a band in college

Even the cats appreciated his music

He also didn't shy away from spending time with his little sister, he would miss her quite a bit when he was off at college

There was only one uncertainty for Gibson... his love life. He enjoyed hanging out with his steady girlfriend Allyn, and she would be heading off to university with him in a couple short days. But he also enjoyed spending time with Lindsay Wade who was two years younger than he was

One day after school Gibson asked Lindsay to meet him downtown, he wanted to get everything out in the open before heading off to Sim State. He really did enjoy Lindsay's company, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to wait 2 whole years until she joined him at college

Another important lady in Gibson's life would be transitioning into teen-hood. That evening was Kay's birthday

Kay grew up into a gorgeous young woman. Gibson almost didn't want to go off to college and leave his baby sister to the mercy of the neighborhood boys... he'd drive all the way back to Silvervale if he had to to beat them off with a great big stick

Kay decided that she wanted to be popular just like her big brother. She thought the best way to do that was to become Captain Hero one day.

Gender preferences:

After celebrating Kay's birthday, Gibson headed off to join his cousin Eddie and her boyfriend Byron at Sim State

Gibson could rest easy at college, his little sister was quite a tom-boy and could definitely fend for herself

And luckily for Gibson, the only boy she was interested in hanging out with was her BFF and cousin, Camron

Kay also decided that she'd like to help her mother out with the shop, so she started to learn the art of flower arranging

Kay's wasn't the only birthday celebrated that week. Connor transitioned into an elder with little fanfare one evening after returning home from work

Even though they were both elders, Carla and Connor were just as frisky as ever, much to the chagrin of their teenaged children!

Scoring: 0 points this round

((Can I just say... pets related LTW's really bother me... pets in general in TS2 are kind of inconsequential other than being a cute animated thing to look at. I really wish I could get away with uninstalling it, but I like the option of warewolves, bleh. Anyway, other than constant cat training, this house is pretty relaxing to play. I'm going to send Allyn to uni and make her a townie and see where she and Gibson's relationship goes from there, but I'm honestly hoping that he picks Lindsay since I prefer to intermarry my playables to keep the population down. Kay doesn't have any romantic interests, it could get tricky since most of the teens in the hood are related to her, lol. Plus she only wants to hang out with her cousin Camron. I think it's cute that they're BFF's since they're pretty much on the same age level and should go to uni together. Just one blooper:

The Sentrybot went haywire and kept attacking Remington.

Luckily Alec Bigfoot was home to save the day and quickly fix it. Although it would have been amusing to watch the sentrybot chase Remington around the whole afternoon :p

Kurt, Brittany and their coven is up next, and I actually have the pictures edited and ready to go! Stay tuned!))


eien herrison said...

I'll take your word for it that this household was relaxing to play, because to me it looks quite hectic! Congrats on the level 8 business, and hopefully you can get it up to level 10 next rotation.

The cats are also continuing to be adorable (although you did accidentally call Heath Heidi). Hopefully the youngest two will reach the top of their careers soon -- I have a LTW variety hack which stops animal-related LTWs unless someone has a high interest in animals, and that has not happened in my game since I installed it.

Liz said...

Thanks! It should reach level 10, though I tend not to worry about it too much since Carla is a Romance/Family sim... the shop is only really around to sell snapdragons to playables, heh.

I definitely get the cats confused, so it doesn't surprise me that I mixed them up... I also had so many screenshots of the cats, I probably only used 1/4 of them. Usually I don't even bother posting pet promotion pictures anymore unless they are related to one of the sims' LTWs. I've considered the more LTW variety hack, but I decided against it because I don't really want to end up with a Family sim who wants 20 simultaneous lovers which I've seen happen on other blogs!

DanielleRose said...

Hi! I've been reading this blog for the last few weeks and I've finally caught up! Your families are so gorgeous! Keep up the good work! :) -Ash

eien herrison said...

So no real pressure to get the business to top level, then.

I don't blame you for getting the cats confused, that's why I tend to sell off extra kittens if I intend to breed (especially if they all look similar).

Family sim with 20 Loves? The only time I've seen that is one of my sims when she randomised as Family/Romance and got her secondary before she rolled a LTW. I know there are two options: Squinge's unlocks all LTWs for everyone (which may be the one you've seen), and Pescado's uses personality, interests, and sometimes family history to decide a LTW (which is how Diane Creekmore got her LTW to be top of the Law Enforcement career).

(And by the way, I have been reading before this, but unable to comment because the OpenID bit didn't like my LJ log in details at all -- I had to start up my own blogger space to be able to comment.)

Liz said...

@Danielle: thanks for reading! I'm glad you're wnjoying it! One of these days I'll complete the challenge :)

@eien: I'll definitely have to check out Pescado's mod then.... I had no idea that is how it worked. I've been cross posting to LJ lately too if its easier to comment there. I appreciate you sticking with reading :) I'm going to pick up Angelos town with the current round and read my huge backlog when I have some downtime. Work has been super busy so I don't have as much blog reading time as I used to :(

eien herrison said...

Livejournal, why didn't I check? I keep forgetting you have two accounts over there. I'm not sure when you last commented, but I do have a recap for weeks 8&9 available, and there's going to be another one at the end of week 10B because I'm going to be merging a lot of houses in order to get numbers down, and I reckon people will need a recap/something to refer to.

For Pescado's mod, there's a list of what LTWs require what aspiration and personality a couple of posts down from the first one at this link:,28.0.html. The 6 pet careers would require a Fortune aspiration sim who had an 800 or higher interest in animals (which is very hard to do: it basically would require you to have the animal interest magazine and have a newly-teened sim read it to get their interest up before their LTW rolled). Some of the LTWs can become a lot rarer (Calvin Austin was my first sim to roll TOC Military for his LTW), but I personally think the trade-off of reduced animal LTWs is worth it.