Sunday, September 6, 2009

Devivio 4 (R8)

When last we visited the Home of Kurt Devivio and his atrociously evil wife, Brittany the couple's infant daughter, Tabitha transitioned into a toddler. Brittany also raised Corey Sell from the dead in the form of a zombie. Kurt reached TOC in Natural Science and at the end of the round, Tabitha transitioned into a child. Lets see what this family will get into this round:

Devivio 4 (Lot 8) Monday - Saturday
Jar Card #127: Have Sim Wear Perfume

Career wise, things were looking up. Brittany was moving closer to obtaining her life dream of becoming a General in the sim city military

After searching for years, Kurt was able to find an open position in the Oceanography Career track

Kurt and Brittany left Tabitha to her own devices most of the time. She wasn't the most social or outgoing child and preferred to play alone in her room

While Tabitha was playing, Kurt and Brittany had time for their own extracurricular activities

The next morning, Brittany was feeling queasy, and by the evening she knew that she and Kurt's alone time the evening before had resulted in a pregnancy.

With nothing else to do with her maternity leave (she did have a throne afterall!), Brittany headed out to the mall to pick up some gifts for her family and see what other types of mischief she could get into.

She bought a few bottles of her favorite perfume. It was one of the only things she couldn't concoct in her cauldron

As Brittany was cashing out her purchase, she noticed a lovely, slim young lady looking at the jewelry display

Brittany went into the next room and began casting a spell to make said lady not so slim and lovely anymore

The woman instantly gained 20 pounds and Brittany cackled to herself before heading to the food court for a bite to eat

Brittany was having strange cravings with this pregnancy that she didn't have when she was pregnant with Tabitha. At the exotic foods vendor she purchased some pineapple surprise which she hoped would satisfy her craving until she got home

While waiting for the taxi to arrive (she was in no state to fly home afterall) she decided that she would pull one more prank

When Brittany arrived home she found out that Kurt earned his first promotion in his new career

Tabitha also came home with her first A+ report card

As a reward, and because Kurt and Brittany were a little worried about Tabitha's antisocial tendencies, they allowed Tabitha to adopt a puppy from the pound

Tabitha adored her new puppy, who she named Scout, after weeks of her loving care, he grew up into an adult dog

Everyone in the family thought it would be best for Scout to get a job so that Tabitha to keep up with his training. Brittany managed to secure him a position in the Security Field.

Despite bonding with her canine companion, Tabitha still didnt' get along well with her classmates, though she frequently brought them home with her on the bus. When Layak Bhatt suggested that they play a game of cops and robbers, she reluctantly agreed but quickly learned that she really didn't enjoy that type of game

Later when her parents asked her to watch a football game, she decided she didn't care much for that either --- what really was the point of grown men running into eachother??? She just didn't get it

One thing Tabitha was looking forward to was having a little brother sister to take care of. Tabitha may not have been the most social, but she was extremely nurturing. She was overjoyed when it was time for Brittany to have the baby.

Kurt wasn't so overjoyed though, in fact he was downright tired and slept through most of Brittany's labor

When he finally woke up, Brittany seemed to have the labor thing under control so he whipped out his handheld and played through the remainder of the delivery

As quickly as it started, Kurt and Brittany's second baby was born, Nicholas Devivio

The next day, Brittany headed straight back to work, she hated having to take time off when she was so close to achieving her life's goal. Kurt, on the other hand, still didn't have to put in that many hours, especially during the off season where the whales migrated to more protected waters in the South Pacific. He was glad to have the time off to spend with his newborn son

Kurt also spent a lot of time painting while Nicholas was napping. He spent so much time at the easel that he received an award from the local art club.

Brittany heading back to work so soon after her pregnancy really impressed her bosses and she was given a promotion

Tabitha continued to bring home friends from school despite her shyness. Unfortunately she didn't get along well with her cousin, Eddie, either

She also thought her parent's coworkers were very strange as well... she couldn't wait for the day when she could ask her mom to teach her how to be a witch so she could turn them all into frogs when they were annoying her!

When Brittany had some time off she enjoyed being with her new son. She felt a little guilty about Tabitha's social issues and figured maybe if Nicholas got more attention that he would be more socially adept

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for baby Nicholas, 1 point for Kurt's A&C plaque)

Household Net-Worth: 70,789

((This house was nice and relaxing to play this round. I'm so glad that Kurt finally found a position in Oceanography, it only took 4 rounds! Tabitha is really anti-social, almost all her social interactions end with red negatives, it's kind of amusing. I finally had to send Eddie home because their relationship got all the way into the negative. Tabitha really, really loves her dog Scout though so gets most of her social need from interacting with him, she also seems to genuinely like her baby brother. Nicholas is named after Nicholas Flamel, the Medieval Alchemist and Scrivner mentioned in Harry Potter. I really do get a kick out of the Sims in this house, they have much more laid back personalities than most of my other sims in the hood. Tia Eich is up next!))


jungfrun68 said...

Tabitha is really sweet. She's evidence that not all sims are created to be social

SK said...

Man, is Tabitha's social skill like zero points? Even my bitchiest sims like hanging out with people! At least she has the puppy, though...

What's her aspiration, anyway? Is she family?

Liz said...

@SK: Tabitha is funny, she has very low outgoing score and like 1 nice point. You're right, her pre-rolled aspiration will be family. It's funny how sims seem to anticipate their aspiration and exhibit those qualities. Tabitha is very nurturing to the dog and her baby brother despite being anti-social