Sunday, September 6, 2009

Devivio 3 (R8)

Last round Carla and Connor had a baby boy they named Gibson. Connor got a start on his LTW of getting 6 pets to the top of their careers by adopting to kittens, Snolanna and Sebastian. All the inhabitants of the house were doing well and advancing in careers. At the end of the round Gibson transitioned into a toddler.

When I opened this lot this round, Gibson was invisible and completely uncontrollable. I tried everything I could think of to get him back so it took a long time. Finally, I replaced Gibson's character file with the file from my most recent back-up and it worked. I haven't seen any other signs of impeding doom so I think that his file must have gotten corrupted for some reason...

Devivio 3 (Lot 7) Tuesday - Thursday
No Jar Card this lot because I was trying to get Gibson Back

The week got off to a good start, both Sebastian and Snolanna started bringing home promotions

Carla also brought home a promotion in the education field. Shmoozing Kelly Devivio really seemed to pay off

With Connor working late nights, Carla took to training the cats after Gibson was put to bed for the night. Employing a lot of cat treats and a lot of patience, Carla was usually successful and the kitties learned quickly.

Just because Connor was busy with his job, it didn't mean that he didn't have time to spend with Carla.

Unfortunately their little romp caused them both to come down with the flu. They both jokingly blamed the illness on each other

With the flu in the house, Carla thought it would be best to send Connor off to stay with his Uncle Guy and Aunt Sofia until both she and Connor felt better.

Connor hated to take time off of work just because he was sick but it gave him a chance to work on his skills for the round of upcoming promotions. The extra skill-building sick time paid off, the day Connor returned to work he received a promotion to president of the company

Gibson also arrived home once Connor and Carla were feeling better, though he had to stay with the nanny who was quite neglectful of putting him into his crib for his daily nap

Carla was disappointed at how poorly the nanny was caring for Gibson and felt badly for having to send him away for the majority of the week. She tried to get some quality time in with her son by finishing up teaching him to walk.

Sno brought home another promotion that evening

And received more training that would help to prepare her for yet another

Connor brought home a friend from work, he had a few steps to go in his career and figured a home outing might be helpful for him to advance.

Sebastian and Snolanna were getting along so well that Connor thought it might be a nice idea to breed them and see if they could have some kittens

After shmoozing his co-worker, Connor put Gibson to bed

Then he and Carla were finally able to sit down to a meal together

Later that evening, Connor's co-worker brought by an appreciation gift for their wonderful outing

The next day Sebastian brought home a promotion that brought him to the top of his career. One down, Five to go for Connor's Lifetime Want

Carla also received a promotion

That evening, when Connor got home from work, it was time for Gibson's birthday

Gibson grew up to resemble Connor most

Gibson Devivio - Capricorn

Scoring: 0 Points this round

Household Net-Worth: 130,276

((Well that's it for this household. I didn't get much playing done really because everytime I launched the lot it was to try something to get Gibson back. You may also notice that the house changed during the round. I thought moving them might get Gibson back... but it didn't. Nonetheless they needed a new house and I really thought this one was appropriate for them. It took up 3 days of sim time to try to get Gibson back, that's why there aren't that many pictures of him doing toddler stuff. The cats are doign well in their careers, which is good because I'm not really a fan of the pet associated LTW's. Snolanna and Sebastian are expecting kittens sometime next round so that will be something new for this household. We're off to visit Carla's brother Kurt and his family next!))


M.McMillan said...

I am not a fan of pets in general; but, i enjoy other peoples stories about them. Good to see you have succeeded to breeding them. They must be happy.

reksims said...

Glad Gibson got back, safe and sound.

SK said...

Gibson is so adorable as a child!!! Omg! So glad you managed to get him back. Of course, you know that if anything ever blows up in my 'hood, I'm going to beg you to come over and fix it.

Liz said...

YES! Gibson is soooooooo cute, he has a good mix of his parent's genes I think. You know if I have to come fix your sims I might make you sign a waiver in case I break your rig :-P